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Vitailty & Wellness.


Wheat & Gluten allergies (image)

Treat your, or your child's, UNDERLYING allergy to Wheat.


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Treat your, or your child's, UNDERLYING allergy to Gluten.


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Trear your, or your child's, UNDERLYING allergy to Nut allergy.


The test is performed on over 300 common food and inhalent substances, including dairy, wheat, fruits, nuts, vegetables, meats, spices, fish, grass, pollens, tree pollen, dust and other chemical and environmental hazards.


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Resolve your MILK allergies now.

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Using the Bio Resonance Technique

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Are you suffering from Food or Inhalent Allergies?


The opportunity now exists for testing a patients’s hair sample using advanced Bio-Resonance equipment – to effectively discover the foods that he or she may be allergic to.



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Homeopathy is a system of medicine used extensively by millions of people from around the world to help rectify their health problems - both chronic and acute.

Food allergies are becoming more and more common in children and this may be linked to a variety of factors including immune system imbalance, digestive disturbances, nutiritional imbalances (including electrolyte imbalance) and a build of toxicity in the system.

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti has successfully treatment many thousands of cases of children and adults alike who have suffered from a multitude of food and inhalent allergies such as milk, wheat, gluten, fish, nuts, chemicals, pollens and so forth.

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The Bio Resonance Test is a non-invasive test performed using advanced Bio Resonance equipment and is not intended to replace a medical test or blood test. The

Bio Resonance Test is used an holistic form of treatment.

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Asthma (image)

EFFECTIVE Homeopathic Treatment is available for Asthma.

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, 4th generation Homeopath, has treated thousands of cases of Asthma in infants, children and adults with amazing results.

Be ASTHMA FREE - get in touch with Atiq today.

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Break FREE from your ailment through this non-invasive and effective system.


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Atiq offers a unique Bio Resonance Hair Test (also called Hair DNA test) that helps you to discover the cause of your illness.

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