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Acne Testimonials

Below are just a few of the real life eczema testimonials from people who have purchased our 100% herbal cream.
Permission for use of these testimonials has been obtained from ALL individuals below. We hope you'll find them to be of interest.

Mrs. Talat

Profession: Pharmacist

Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated child for: Acne / Scar Tissue

"I have used Atiq's Acne Herbal Cream and found that within 3 days of application my acne marks around my cheeks and chin area greatly reduced. What made me very happy was that these acne marks did not return or did not become inflamed again even though I stopped using the cream. The cream has since cleared my acne - if I remember to apply it - and I am very happy with this cream. Many thanks to Atiq for this safe and effective treatment."


Patient who does not wish to be named:

Treated child for: Acne on forehead and nose

"Dr Atiq's Acne Herbal Cream has completely dried up my acne and it is now starting to disappear. The cream is brilliant."


Mrs. Sasha Singh

Profession: Health Care

Residence: East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Treated child for: Eczema

"My daughter is 12 years old and has always suffered from eczema all over her body.  In April 2010 the condition became much more severe especially on her face and neck.  She constantly scratched, rubbed, could not sleep and her skin literally came off in strips every 5-7 days.  Out of a period of 30 days, my daughter had 'normal' or  'good skin' for 3-5 days.  Her confidence also suffered - she did not want to take part in school sports or put herself forward for new hobbie because of her skin.  The only way to help her was to constantly use creams, steroids and antihistamine.  It was a vicious circle!  

 The 'before' picture was taken on the 21nd July at the end of the school year.  My daughter had to go to senior school looking like this.


At this time I was wet-wrapping her arms, legs and torso every night, applying creams and emollients constantly and getting up with her during the night to apply more creams.   My daughter described the eczema on her face like 'wearing an itchy wet mask'.  I spoke to Dr. Bhatti and sent him photos.  He immediately understood her condition and prescribed a course of homeopathy drops to be given twice a day for six months.  Within five days we noticed a difference, and my daughter FELT the difference.  You could literally see the eczema disappearing on her face and neck.  We both cried with relief because we had our first night of decent sleep in months.

We have been using Dr. Bhatti's treatment since July and to date the eczema on my daughter's face and neck has not flared again.  Her body is looking much better, because the itching has stopped allowing the skin time to replenish and heal.  What is even more amazing is the softness of her skin and her natural skin tone.  She looks like the beautiful English Rose she is.

I am educated to degree level and have a background in evidence based healthcare so am fortunate to be in a position to be well informed.  Dr Bhatti is extremely credible and he really understands what needs to be achieved. He understands the impact of having good clear skin - for the sufferer and also for the family.  He never gives up because he genuinely wants to make a difference, and make the difference quickly.  His treatment works and is 100% safe.  Seeing is believing which is why I've allowed my daughter's pictures to be used.

Dr Bhatti - offers you a lifeline when you feel there is no other alternative.

(Webmasters Note. I always think long and hard about placing pictures of children on any of the websites I run because of unfortunately the world being what it is to day. Her mum, as you can see in the testimonial has given her permission for them to be used. I have agreed to put them on the internet because I believe after reading the effect the treatment has had on the overall wellbeing of this mum and her beautiful 'English Rose' in the testimonial,and also seeing the obvious joy in the young ladies face, I think they are justified.)


Mr. Anil Mathew

Profession: NHS Manager

Residence: West Drayton, United Kingdom

Treated child for: Eczema all over the body

"My name is Anil Mathew. I am a Area Manager for the NHS Blood and Transplant and work across London.

Atiq has been treating my son Joshua Mathew who is 1 ½ yrs old for a few months now for Eczema. Joshua had eczema since he was 2 months old and we had been treating him with allopathic medicine such as steroids, aqueous cream and other emollients. But even with this treatment we never had an effective result. The GP told us that there was no cure for eczema and that the child would grow out of it in a few years time. We also tried high potency steroids and Joshua had temporary relief having used these but as soon as we stopped the eczema would return. After the steroids Joshua's skin was not soft anymore and was granular with discoloration. The skin was not glowing and dull. He was also allergic to eggs, grains, cheese and milk. We used to use goats milk for him.

One of my friends recommended to speak with Atiq on eczema. We started the treatment and within a week his eczema started disappearing and in week two it was completely gone. Joshua's skin started glowing and we started giving him eggs and cheese and he had no adverse reaction to this. The treatment is continuing. We are happy with the treatment."

Mrs. Manjumol Kurian

Age: 34 yrs

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Stevenage, United Kingdom

Treated for: Eczema on Neck / Scarring after Caesarean Section

"I used Atiq's Eczema Cream on my neck and within 4 weeks the eczema has disappeared. Dr Atiq also prescribed some oral drops for me which I took religiously and together they have cured my Eczema. His cream has also given me great benefit in my scar left over after my CT section. I am extremely happy with his treatment. My daughter Emelyn Abraham is on Dr Atiq's treatment for Eczema also and I her progress is brilliant. We suffered for many years and with this Homeopathic treatment there is much improvement. Thank you."

Ms. Anu Kuncheria

Age: 14 yrs

Profession: Student

Residence: Coventry, United Kingdom

"My name is Saly Joseph. My daughter - Anu Kuncheria - is being treated by Atiq for Eczema. It is really a miracle that she is better. It is a miracle that has happened through God through Atiq as she is much better. All the itching and redness has disappeared and I am very grateful for this. I cannot believe it as she suffered so much and now she is so much better thanks to the Eczema Treatment Protocol we used from Atiq."

Miss. Sarah Younis

Age: 23

Profession: Retail

Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated For: Eczema

"I have been using Dr. Atiq for a few months now and his Eczema Cream has completely changed my life. I had suffered from terrible eczema on both my feet and this brought me distress and I couldn't go out without having to cover my feet at all times. After applying the cream, my feet were better within a week as all scaling started to come off, and now my feet are 95% clear by using his cream and tablets for eczema.
I'm thrilled to bits. I've recommended my nephew to him also who suffers from eczema."

Gaile Stewart

Age: 45 yrs

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Co. Down, Northern Ireland

"I suffered from psoriasis for over 17 yrs now and a friend at the hospital where I work gave me Dr Atiq's reference as her child was treated for Eczema and it worked magic on her.  I was reluctant but I can say that I am absolutely delighted with the treatment and it has cleared up my psoriasis.  I have sent Atiq photographs of the area's I had psoriasis on before and after using his Psoriasis Herbal Cream (HerbaFlora-P). It has changed my life and I thank God for this blessing that I am now able to be free of psoriasis thanks to Atiq.  I have recommend many people to him from Ireland and hope they find the same success with their ailments.
Thanks a million Dr Atiq."

Mrs. Seena Babu

Residence: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Profession: Nurse

Treated child for: Eczema

"My name is Seena Babu. Dr Atiq started treating my son Dean Babu when he was 4 months old as Dean was suffering greatly with eczema that was infected. He also had a yellow smelly discharge from his eczema and it was a big problem for me.

I have used Atiq's Eczema Cream and his oral drops for eczema and I am very happy with the treatment as the eczema has cleared up. Thank you so much."

John Stanway

Age: 59

Profession: retired

Residence: Bletchley, United Kingdom

I have suffered most of my life with eczema and very dry skin on my face, arms and legs. I put it down to working most of my life in the construction industry working with cement and plaster drying the skin out.
I have had creams off my doctor that has worked to some degree for a very short time but I couldn't use the cream on my face because it was steroid based and as he told me it does thin the skin and age it. I was lucky enough to be able to use some of Dr Atiq's cream and I am over the moon with the results, it worked very well within a few short days.
Dr Atiq also treats me and my family for different ailments, my wife suffers with arthritis and I have other ailments due to having a stroke a few years ago. We have always found Dr Atiq to be very pleasant, professional and a real pleasure to talk to.

Mrs. Saly Joseph

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Coventry, United Kingdom

Treated child for: Eczema

"My name is Saly Joseph. My daughter - Anu Kuncheria - is being treated by Atiq for Eczema. It is really a miracle that she is better. It is a miracle that has happened through God through Atiq as she is much better. All the itching and redness has disappeared and I am very grateful for this. I cannot believe it as she suffered so much and now she is so much better thanks to the Eczema Treatment Protocol we used from Atiq."

Mrs. Yasmin Sadiq

Age: 30

Profession: Housewife

Residence: Sheffield, United Kingdom

I was referred to Dr. Atiq by a friend who had used him for treatment related to eczema.
I started to use Dr. Atiq's cream, which for me was a sheer miracle cream. Within the first two days my skin was clear. I had tried everything prior to using Dr. Atiq's cream. I had been to see dermatologists in hospital, my GP and others without avail. I had also spent hundreds of pounds on natural creams with little or no success, but this cream from Dr. Atiq is just truly fantastic. I'm more than happy with his treatment and his comforting approach."


Mr. Shaji Samuel

Residence: Surrey, United Kingdom

Profession: Nurse

Treated child for: Various

"My name is Shaji Samuel. My daughter Marita Shaji is 17 months old now and being treated by Atiq for a number of conditions.

After treatment for 4 weeks on Atiq's Homeopathic medicine we can see a big difference in her health. Previously she used be admitted into hospital for breathing complaints and now she is much much better.

She is not having to take any anti-biotics and we can see her immunity has become much better. I have recommended my friend to Dr Atiq and look forward to them getting just as well as my daughter Marita."

Mrs. Ajab

Age: 35

Profession: Various

Residence: Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

"I've used Dr. Atiq's Eczema Cream and it has not only cleared my eczema, but miraculously it has also cleared the scarring I had on my skin. I'm so happy.
I have recommended all my friends to him. A lot of my colleagues and family friends have children with eczema, and they have now started asking me to also order them a jar of Dr. Atiq's eczema cream. The cream is brilliant and I would recommend this safe natural product to anyone who has any skin issues. Thanks"

Dr. Jamil Ahmad Sanauri

Age: 37

Profession: General Practitioner

Residence: London , United Kingdom

Treated for: Vitiligo

"Being a doctor myself I had no hope that my daughter's vitiligo can be cured. But Dr. Atiq's in depth knowledge of not only medicine but also biochemistry helped him to cure this condition that is still known to have no cure in allopathic medicine. I'm sure that his kind and humble nature also helps all his patients."

Mr. Gary Owen.

Age: 39

Profession: Kitchen Designer & Fitter, Main Vocalist, Rock Band

Residence: Windsor, Berkshire.

"I had a problem with dry hands for a while. I always laid it down to the fact that I work in an environment that involves cutting of laminate or marble kitchen tops and general building materials. I got to know about Atiq through a colleague and have been seeing him now for over a year for various issues I've had. He's also treated my son, and I'm really pleased with the results. Getting back to the point, my dry hands really became an issue, cracking, and splitting, causing me great pain and making it difficult to work. Not one for creams, I reluctantly took some of Dr. Atiq's eczema cream, which he provided to me free of charge as a bet so to speak. He was really convinced it would resolve the problem, and much to my surprise, it worked within a week. My hands were free of any splits and the skin was once again normal. Boy, he's some wizard.

I would recommend him to anyone, and have referred family and friends to him, including my wife. He's also quite funny which is something that appeals to me because I feel relaxed and never feel I am in a doctor-patient relationship, but more of a friend-patient relationship. I think personally that Dr. Atiq has a unique and rare gift for getting people better, and very pleased that I came to know about him."

Dr. Farhat Jabeen Ahmad

Age: 65

Profession: Qualified GP, Primary Care Trust.

Residence: Manchester, United Kingdom

"I have been not only using, but recommending, Dr. Atiq to many of my patients for two reasons, namely they have expressed an interest in alternative/complementary medicine, but moreso because having come to know Dr. Atiq as his patient, he is very caring, pleasant, and above all else, his treatments are very effective and have benefited many of my patients.
I have also referred friends and family to Dr. Atiq as well as other friends in my medical circle and I would recommend him to anyone. It is rare to find a practitioner who has exceptional knowledge and insight into his or her own field, but to have a practitioner who has the above coupled with a unique healing ability is most assuring and comforting.
One of my female patients was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer of the bone last year, the cancer having spread to her spine. I referred her to Dr. Atiq as I knew he would offer the best help in such difficult times. I am pleased to say, by the Grace of God, that through Dr. Atiq's treatment and continuous support, she is now in remission of her cancer and leading a healthy lifestyle once more. I must add finally that Dr. Atiq is one of the most reliable and honest people I have ever met.
I have become good friends with him and hope this continues for many many years to come."

Miss. Zainab Ikram

Age: 36

Profession: British High Commission

Residence: Islamabad, Pakistan

Treated for: Eczema

"Dr. Atiq has been treating me for over 3 years now, and I am very happy with his caring approach. I have recommended many friends and family back in the United Kingdom to him, and I know he is looking after them in his unique style".

There are more testimonials from people writing and recording video's about our homeopathic remedies they have used and how they have found homeopathy to be a benefit to themselves and their families etc. You can view them here

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