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Does acne really have to make your life a misery?

Dear Friends:


Are you looking for a cream that is not only 100% natural, but uses ingredients that are not only common to Homeopathy but also to Herbal Medicine?

Are you looking for a cream that is prepared by hand on a per order basis ensuring only the finest quality ingredients?

Lastly, are you looking for a cream that uses not only approved but highly effective ingredients that work against acne and acne scars?


Here at Natural Skin Cosmetics we have formulated his own Acne Herbal Cream called Rosa Skin Care Cream for acne sufferers.

Rosa Skin Care Cream (Acne Herbal Cream) utilises the essence of pure rose petals that are of the finest in the world.

This special type of Rose contains properties that are not only anti-inflammatory but also anti-bacterial, thus applying Rosa Skin Care Cream can help the skin fight infection related to acne in both men and women.

Because the Rosa Skin Care Cream uses only a special essence of rose petal, it works perfectly for sensitive and normal skin.

When put together in certain combinations and ratios, these ingredients have an extraordinary curative healing effect on the skin.

There are a number of reasons why our Natural Skin Cosmetics Rosa Skin Care Cream (Acne Herbal Cream), is unique:

  1. Acne Herbal Cream is prepared using the highest quality essence of Rose petal
  2. Acne Herbal Cream contains NO STEROIDS or any other substances that would have any adverse effect on the skin.
  3. Acne Herbal Cream is safe and effective to use and helps at clearing acne and visible signs may often be seen within the first 7 days of application.
  4. Acne Herbal Cream is 100% natural and prepared by hand.
  5. Acne Herbal Cream is prepared with the main focus being healing of the individual.
  6. As is written in one of the testimonials: "I started to use Atiq's cream, which for me was a sheer miracle cream...

In natural medicine, particularly the medical science of Homeopathy (Germany system of Complementary and Alternative Medicine) acne is treated through plant and mineral based remedies/medicine.

Homeopathic creams are also available that help to reduce the symptoms of acne.

In fact there are 100's of creams and ointments available on the market today for treating acne, as well as a host of other common skin disorders, including eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, scabies, ringworm, cradle cap and nappy rash.  All these creams and ointments help to 'relieve' such conditions.

Rosa Skin Care Cream (Acne Herbal Cream) has been formulated to reduce the redness, itching and discomfort of acne in both adults and child.

Here at Natural Skin Cosmetics, we offer you an alternative cream to help you; a cream that is 100% natural; 100% safe; prepared by hand; using only the finest Rose petals available.

Rosa Skin Care Cream (Acne Herbal Cream) will help you and help your skin.



As an introductory offer on the internet we are offering this cream for just £25.00 plus £3.99 Postage & Packing per 30g jar















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