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Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, HD

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Homeopathy - Homeopathic & Biochemic Medicine
This site publishes information on Homeopathic creams for the effective management of Acne and related skin diseases.

The information is published by a qualified, registered and experienced Homeopathic Doctor - HD.

Homeopathic Doctor Atiq Ahmad Bhatti is a qualified and registered Homeopathic Practitioner [Homeopath] and utilises Homeopathy / Homeopathic Remedies for the treatment of his patients. Homeopathic Doctor Atiq is NOT a medical doctor and/or physician, nor is he medically qualified.

The term Dr. used on this site denotes and refers to 'Homeopathic Doctor' and does not in any way refer to a medical qualified Doctor.

Homeopathic Doctor Atiq Ahmad Bhatti HD, is a descendant of a family which has been practicing the art and medical science of Homeopathic & Biochemic medicine for over 80 years and herbal medicine for over 6 centuries.  
As such, Atiq is a fourth generation 'modern' Doctor of Homeopathic & Biochemic Medicine.

Homeopathic Doctor Atiq is passionately committed to providing treatment of a high standard equal to the best of the Homeopaths in the world and is at present recognized as an authority in his field.

A brief profile is as follows:

Homeopathic Doctor Atiq has been fortunate to have a striking family history in holistic and natural medicine.  It can be traced back to over 6 centuries.

Atiq's family was blessed by the title conferred upon all descendants of this family by the then Mughal Emperors of Hindustan (now India and Pakistan), the title being Qazi - meaning Justice of Peace.

Qazi Atiq Ahmad Bhatti's Great Great Grandfather, Hazrat Qazi Ziauddin Bhatti (see photo) was an accomplished Herbalist. He was also referred to as a 'Sahabi'.

Hazrat Qazi Ziauddin Sahib had two children, namely, Hazrat Qazi Muhammad Abdullah, and Hazrat Qazi Abdur Raheem Bhatti.

The trend of natural medicine naturally came down the line to Atiq's Great Grandfather, Hazrat Qazi Abdur Raheem Bhatti (see photo) .

Hazrat Qazi Abdur Raheem Bhatti was blessed with four children, namely, Qazi Abdus Salam Bhatti, Qazi Mansoor Ahmad Bhatti, Qazi Bashir Ahmad Bhatti and Qazi Mubarak Ahmad Bhatti (Atiq's Direct Grandfather). (see photo).

One of the above mentioned sons, Qazi Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Bhatti was a highly successful Herbalist and later in his life qualified as a Doctor of Homeopathy and Biochemic Medicine.  Within a short space of time he became extremely famous throughout Pakistan, and from this source many roots of homeopathy began to spread into other family members both vertically and horizontally.

Atiq's direct Grandfather, Qazi Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Bhatti, was also a qualified Doctor of Homeopathy and within a short space of time became a master homeopath blessed with the ability to diagnose a patient's illness through reading just the pulse at either the left or right wrist.  The narrations within the family clearly indicate to the fact that he was a classical homeopath and used to obtain amazing results by dispensing just a few pills on occasions.

Again, Qazi Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Bhatti was also blessed with children, and from here the lineage of Homeopathy continued downwards to Dr. Atiq's father, Qazi Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Bhatti, (see photo) who was a qualified Doctor of Homeopathy & Biochemic Medicine.  He was famous for his in depth knowledge of the Homeopathic Materia Medica - so much so that he could advise his patients on what remedies to take just by observing them.

Atiq's father truly loved the medical system of Homeopathy and would spend many hours a day studying and researching the various literatures, materia medica, and other information available on the subject.

Atiq's uncle, Qazi Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad Bhatti, (see photo) who has gained worldwide renown in his own right, runs an exceptionally busy practice to this day in East Africa.  From there he is able to attend to and treat thousands of patients every year, reaching every corner of the wonderful world in which we live.

Qazi Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad Bhatti is an accomplished healer, and his knowledge and understanding of Homeopathy exceeds those around him, with a particularly in depth understanding of complex mixtures and their focus of healing.

Atiq grew up with Homeopathy, at a very young age, watching his father prescribing and preparing Homeopathic remedies at a young age. Prior to qualifying in Homeopathy & Biochemic Medicine, Atiq studied in the fields of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Business Finance & Management.  He holds an upper class Honours Degree in Business Management.

As it was destined by God Almighty, Atiq naturally became interested in Homeopathy at an early age.  What interested him most was the fact that this system of medicine was 100% safe and free of all side effects.  It was one of the most natural systems available to man - and dates back to 400BC in fact.  Today, Dr. Atiq runs an exceptionally busy practice treating patients from all over the world.  Atiq is grateful to God Almighty for bestowing upon him the opportunity to carry on his family's tradition and destiny, i.e. to serve humanity in the field of natural healing.

•  Qualified and licensed in the United Kingdom

•  Professional qualifications include:

  • A Graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy, United Kingdom

  • A Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy, United Kingdom

  • DHMS and Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioner with the National Council For Homeopathy

  • A Fellow of the Kenya Institute of Alternative Medicine

  • A Member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

  • An Associate member of the Great Britain Society of Homotoxicology and Anti Homotoxic Therapy

  • Member of the Complementary Therapists Association

•  Lectures:

  • Presentation of the paper, 'The Science of Homeopathy' in 2006 to an audience of 150 scientists, GP's, surgeons, physicists and biochemists at the annual AMMA United Kingdom Conference in London.

•  Publications:

  • Regular contributor to a variety of magazines and newsletters, as well as a U.K. wide journal with an approximate readership of 12,000 households.

•  Radio:

  • Hosted a radio programme in 2007 on the homeopathic system of medicine.

•  Television:

  • Aastha TV (Sky Channel) - presented the Wellness Programme in 2005 focusing on health and fitness via natural medicine, including homeopathic & biochemic medicines.

•  Welfare/Service to Humanity:

  • Affords time for voluntary work, and under the umbrella of Humanity First (registered charity), in 1994 served in Hungary in the distribution of food and clothing to the people affected by the war.

•  Clinic:

  • Practices under his own name, serving local, national and international patients with acute and chronic ailments. 

• Profile of Services Offered

  • The formulae dispensed at Atiq 's clinic are being applied successfully to treat numerous patients suffering from a variety of illness.  Satisfactory, if not exceptional, results have been achieved in treating those suffering cancers, bone diseases, blood abnormalities etc.

  • Treatment has been instrumental in providing relief to many patients across the world who had been suffering from renal and gallbladder stones, renal infections, cardiac disorders, excessive cholesterol levels, mental depressive states, skin disorders and many other prevalent conditions that are found in today's society.

  • At present an innovative treatment has been introduced to eradicate eczema and associated skin complaints with HerbaFlora.   Additional information on these products may be obtained by clicking on the Link tabs on the navigation panel on the left.

  • Patients from across the world including the countries such as France, Germany, United States, Dubai and Saudi Arabia visit this upscale clinic seeking treatment for the ailments which afflict them.

The clinic has a comprehensive list of 'Testimonials' available for inspection from patients that have obtained successful treatment.

























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