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Hayfever Tablets

Allergy Essentials Hayfever Tablets are a unique Homeopathic prescription that has been used by Dr. Atiq's family of Homeopaths since 1980.

It has been tried and used by over 10,000 patients to date and has proven its effectiveness for ALL TYPES OF seasonal allergies, specifically hayfever and/or allergic rhinitis as well as asthmatic symptoms that come on during the summer months.

It desensitises the body of pollen and other allergy triggers such as feathers, grass, haydust, housedust, pesticides and insecticides and provides a natural and powerful way of removing hayfever symptoms, giving you the ability to enjoy the summer without a runny nose, sneezing or the horrible tickly sensation in the eyes, nose and throat.

Hay fever usually occurs during the spring and summer months.  Exactly when you get it depends on which pollens you are allergic to.  From May to July grass and flowers are in pollen, making these the most common cause of hay fever.  During spring, usually from March to May, pollens from trees are the most common cause of hay fever.  Some people do get hay fever into the autumn months, however this is rare and is usually caused by weeds such as nettles and docks, late flowering plants, and mould spores.

Hayfever symptoms can be similar to a cold and can include a runny nose, watery eyes and repeated sneezing attacks.  As with all allergies, the symptoms happen as a result of your immune system (the body's defence system) overreacting to a normally harmless substance, which in this case is pollen.  When the body comes into contact with pollen, cells in the lining of your nose, mouth and eyes release a chemical called histamine that triggers the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

You are more likely to get hayfever if there is a history of allergies in your family, particularly asthma or eczema.  Hayfever usually begins in the early teens and peaks when you're in your twenties.  Research has show that many people become less sensitive to pollen as they get older, and by the time they reach their mid-forties, hayfever may no longer be a problem.

We are proud to announce the end of the miserable hayfever season - through the unique Allergy Essentials range.

The HayFever Complex is 100% safe for all the family, from infants, children and adults and works in a natural and effective way to removing ALL hayfever /allergic rhinitis symptoms.

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Okubaka Complex works against a multitude of disease conditions, one of them being allergies in any shape or form.  To read more on Okubaka Complex, click here.

Bio-M Complex has been prepared to act upon each living cell in the body, providing essential cell nutrition and balance.  Bio-M is a perfect preparation for any allergy sufferer.  To read more on Bio-M Complex, click here.


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