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Arnica montana has been used as a remedy since the 1500s, especially for muscle aches and pains, and to reduce the inflammation caused by strains.

Pure Handmade Arnica Herbal Cream (HerbaFlora-M) is prepared from FRESH macerated flowers of Arnica Montana, and as such, the tincture of the flowers is prepared only a short time before the handmade process of preparing the creams and is based on the very highest quality standards - quality is not compromised.

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti HD, (Homeopathic Doctor), invites you to use this cream. As soon as you open the cream jar you'll be able to smell the Arnica flowers - and be able to benefit from its freshness and quality.

Arnica Herbal Cream is the perfect FIRST AID companion and can make a big difference in a short space of time.

Use Arnica for

•  Sprains

•  Strains

•  Bruises

•  Inflammation

•  Joint pain

•  Arthritis

•  Scar healing

Atiq uses Arnica in his clinic nearly every day. The importance of Arnica and its healing properties is often misunderstood, but with timely use it can be a life saver for the most common bumps and knocks.

Arnica Herbal Cream (HerbaFlora-M) is an effective choice for children as the need to treat on the spot mini-emergencies is often such.

As an introductory offer on the internet Atiq is proud to offer this cream for:

Large 60g Jar - £6.99 plus £3.99 Postage & Packing




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