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Mr. Anil Mathew

Profession: NHS Manager

Residence: West Drayton, United Kingdom

Treated child for: Eczema all over the body

“My name is Anil Mathew. I am a Area Manager for the NHS Blood and Transplant and work across London.

Atiq has been treating my son Joshua Mathew who is 1 ½ yrs old for a few months now for Eczema. Joshua had eczema since he was 2 months old and we had been treating him with allopathic medicine such as steroids, aqueous cream and other emollients. But even with this treatment we never had an effective result. The GP told us that there was no cure for eczema and that the child would grow out of it in a few years time. We also tried high potency steroids and Joshua had temporary relief having used these but as soon as we stopped the eczema would return. After the steroids Joshua's skin was not soft anymore and was granular with discoloration. The skin was not glowing and dull. He was also allergic to eggs, grains, cheese and milk. We used to use goats milk for him.

One of my friends recommended to speak with Atiq on eczema. We started the treatment and within a week his eczema started disappearing and in week two it was completely gone. Joshua's skin started glowing and we started giving him eggs and cheese and he had no adverse reaction to this. The treatment is continuing. We are happy with the treatment.”


Gaile Stewart

Age: 45 yrs

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Co. Down, Northern Ireland

“I suffered from psoriasis for over 17 yrs now and a friend at the hospital where I work gave me Dr Atiq's reference as her child was treated for Eczema and it worked magic on her.  I was reluctant but I can say that I am absolutely delighted with the treatment and it has cleared up my psoriasis.  I have sent Atiq photographs of the area's I had psoriasis on before and after using his Psoriasis Herbal Cream (HerbaFlora-P). It has changed my life and I thank God for this blessing that I am now able to be free of psoriasis thanks to Atiq.  I have recommend many people to him from Ireland and hope they find the same success with their ailments.
Thanks a million Dr Atiq.”


Mr. Shaji Samuel

Residence: Surrey, United Kingdom

Profession: Nurse

Treated child for: Various

“My name is Shaji Samuel. My daughter Marita Shaji is 17 months old now and being treated by Atiq for a number of conditions.

After treatment for 4 weeks on Atiq's Homeopathic medicine we can see a big difference in her health. Previously she used be admitted into hospital for breathing complaints and now she is much much better.

She is not having to take any anti-biotics and we can see her immunity has become much better. I have recommended my friend to Dr Atiq and look forward to them getting just as well as my daughter Marita.”


Dr. Jamil Ahmad Sanauri

Age: 37

Profession: General Practitioner

Residence: London , United Kingdom

Treated for: Vitiligo

"Being a doctor myself I had no hope that my daughter's vitiligo can be cured. But Dr. Atiq's in depth knowledge of not only medicine but also biochemistry helped him to cure this condition that is still known to have no cure in allopathic medicine. I'm sure that his kind and humble nature also helps all his patients."


Mrs. Talat

Profession: Pharmacist

Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated child for: Acne / Scar Tissue

“I have used Atiq's Acne Herbal Cream and found that within 3 days of application my acne marks around my cheeks and chin area greatly reduced. What made me very happy was that these acne marks did not return or did not become inflamed again even though I stopped using the cream. The cream has since cleared my acne – if I remember to apply it – and I am very happy with this cream. Many thanks to Atiq for this safe and effective treatment.”


Mrs. Yasmin Sadiq

Age: 30

Profession: Housewife

Residence: Sheffield, United Kingdom

I was referred to Dr. Atiq by a friend who had used him for treatment related to eczema.
I started to use Dr. Atiq's cream, which for me was a sheer miracle cream. Within the first two days my skin was clear. I had tried everything prior to using Dr. Atiq's cream. I had been to see dermatologists in hospital, my GP and others without avail. I had also spent hundreds of pounds on natural creams with little or no success, but this cream from Dr. Atiq is just truly fantastic. I'm more than happy with his treatment and his comforting approach."


Miss. Zainab Ikram

Age: 36

Profession: British High Commission

Residence: Islamabad, Pakistan

Treated for: Eczema

"Dr. Atiq has been treating me for over 3 years now, and I am very happy with his caring approach. I have recommended many friends and family back in the United Kingdom to him, and I know he is looking after them in his unique style".


Jon Matthews

Age: 58  

Woburn Sands, United Kingdom

Treated for: Lung Cancer

Jon Matthews was believed to have an incurable disease.
"Having taken early retirement at the age of 55 following my wifes' sad demise (lung cancer), I was just getting used to a quiet comfortable life without stress when a routine chest x-ray showed fluid in my right lung.  The usual treatment of antibiotics did not improve the situation at all, and the amount of fluid was increasing, making breathing more difficult. The bottom line was that I was eventually diagnosed with mesothelioma, an asbestos-related lung cancer which is incurable.  The experts gave me 9-12 months to live.  That was in April, 2006.  By June 2007 I was feeling well enough to lead a normal life, and started pondering on my extended time on Earth, having not only expected to be dead by then, but also having arranged and paid for my own funeral.  An old friend, knowing my ailment, told me I had to meet a 'great healer' (his words) who could help me. 

Sceptical?  Oh yes! 
Until I met Dr. Atiq; not only one of the nicest people I have met, but a man who you know is telling the truth when he discusses illnesses.   I will be 2 years past my expiry date shortly.  
I can think of nobody better to turn to when you need help with health."   

Mrs. Jamie Payton

Residence: Arizona - United States of America

"Your concern for me as a person whom you have never met means so much. I have never met anyone like you in your profession, your a miracle that God has sent me to help me. God Bless You."


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