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Arnica Herbal Cream

Dear Friends:

Are you looking for a cream that is organic, natural, homeopathic, herbal and to date has a 100% success rate?

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti (Homeopath) has formulated his own Arnica Herbal Cream (Herbaflora-M) for every day household situations.

Arnica is a very graceful plant that can be found within the same family as the sunflower.  It is found in parts of central Europe.  The freshly cut flowers are used in many holistic treatments, predominately homeopathy and herbal medicine.

It is a must for anyone with children as it can be applied for sprains, bruised muscles and general aches and pains with many a time miraculous results.

Arnica has been shown to help work fast on healing muscle injuries, sprains and strains. Arnica has been used since the 1500s and has proven itself time and again.

Arnica Herbal Cream consists of the following ingredients:

  • Arnica-Montana - Organic
  • Base Cream PH Balanced

There are a number of reasons why Atiq's HerbaFlora-'M', Arnica Herbal Cream, is special:

  1. Arnica Herbal Cream is prepared using the highest quality Homeopathic tincture.
  2. Arnica Herbal Cream contains NO STEROIDS or any other substances that would have any adverse effect on the skin.
  3. Arnica Herbal Cream is safe and effective at removing every day common mini-emergencies such as bruising, inflammation, swelling, sports injuries and muscle aches and pain.
  4. Arnica Herbal Cream is prepared with the main focus being healing of the individual.
  5. As is written in one of the many testimonials : "His treatment works and is 100% safe...

Arnica is proven and known to heal and bring about relief from sprains, bruises, muscle pain and stiffness.

In natural medicine, particularly the medical science of Homeopathy (Germany system of Complementary and Alternative Medicine) acne is treated through plant and mineral based remedies/medicine.

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti offers his Arnica Herbal Cream (Herbaflora-M) that is 100% natural, safe, powerful and exceptionally effective. 

As an introductory offer on the internet Atiq is proud to offer this cream for:

Large 60g Jar - £6.99 plus £3.99 Postage & Packing



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