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Bio-M Complex Article


The following article has been written by Dr. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, a qualified Homeopathic Doctor. The report is designed to educate the reader, in basic terms, on the role and part that cells play in the human body, and further goes on to introduce Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Complex preparation.

Disease is a process of degeneration of oneself, bodily organ, tissue or component that manifests itself through symptoms, pathology or imbalances.

In the world of natural medicine, disease is referred to as 'dis-ease', whereby the complete human body with all its mental faculties and living heartbeat is taken as one living phenomena. This teaching has in fact been around since the time of Hippocrates, who lived in 400BC, and is also commonly referred to as the 'Father of Medicine.'

Based on the above principle, the body thus can/will suffer 'dis-ease' due to a variety of factors, including:

•  Mental / Emotional Upsets

•  Psychological Issues

•  Toxicity - both Internal & External

•  Heredity / Genetic

•  Living Habits and/or Lifestyle

•  Mitigating Factors

Dis-ease needs to be treated promptly. If it is left, it will gain momentum to spread its path of destruction (of one's health). If it is carelessly treated by routine conventional systems of medicine (without any thought or care as to why one is suffering) it will no doubt become suppressed - and in real words LEFT to sit dormant or be pushed back further inside, or even restricted in its path of manifestation.  As such, if the disease is suppressed, the dis-ease spreads internally, many a time manifesting after many years in an explosion of symptoms and pathology that is then too difficult to treat because of the mass areas into which it has spread - organs, blood, mind, psyche and so on. If it is treatable, it becomes a constant routine of taking many pills or tablets from the Doctor, seeing consultants at the hospital and so on and so forth.  This is further made more difficult through the undue stress and/or anxiety it can cause.  Of course, if one is suffering it is always advisable to contact your Doctor or healthcare professional, but if we understand dis-ease, we have an exceptional chance of dealing with it through natural medicine, treating it effectively and, as a result, moving on with our lives.

Did you know that the human body is made up of about 10 trillion cells? Amazing isn't it? These cells are literally our building blocks. They are us, we are them!

At a microscopic level, we are all composed of cells.  If you look at yourself in the mirror, what you see is about 10 trillion cells that are divided into approximately 200 different types.

Our skin is made of skin cells, our muscles are made of muscle cells, our kidneys are made of kidney cells, and then we have special cells that make for example the enamel on our teeth, our eyes, hair etc. What a marvellous system we have in place, a phenomena that makes us who we are.

It then makes sense that so many millions of cells also need their health, and it becomes our duty to look after them. We exercise to look after ourselves, our heart, lungs and our minds. We try to eat healthily to avoid high cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease, stomach complaints.  We brush our teeth twice daily to keep our teeth clean and white.  So why should we not maintain the health of our cells as an individual focus?

Did you know that each cell is made of ingredients?

As stated earlier, the body is made up of cells.

Different kinds of cells build up the different tissues and organs of the body.  The difference in the cells is largely determined by the kind of inorganic salts which enter into their composition.  They are the tissue-builders, therefore, and both the structure and vitality of the body depend upon their proper quantity and distribution in every cell. * (reference)

Each cell in our wonderful body is made up of three materials, namely, water, organic substances and inorganic substances.  These ingredients as such, are in their own correct proportion.  It is the inorganic elements that enable the correct functioning of each cell, and these inorganic elements are a key number of inorganic salts that each cell of the human body consists of, and if these salts are insufficient then dis-ease prevails.

Health is a state of the body when all the various tissues are in a normal condition.  These tissues remain at this level of health when they receive the correct quantity of needful inorganic salts that are required for the up building of different tissue.

Dis-ease is thus an altered state of the cell, produced by an irregularity in the supply of an inorganic salt to such cells.  This results in incorrect cell action, and thus diseased tissues and organs follow, and the symptoms and pathology of disease develops.

Did you know that by making up the nutritional deficiency of these inorganic salts you would in fact be providing health to each and every cell of your body? And if the cells are healthy, dis-ease may be avoided?

This is in fact nothing new - if we look at the world of agriculture, soil is often tested to see if inorganic salt is lacking, and if so, fertilizers are supplied to make up the deficiency.  In the same way, the body consists of matter, inorganic salts and organic matter in the proportion of 14:1:5.  The inorganic salts - although a minority here - are the important vital elements to balance - not just of human beings, but also animals and plants.

Many people around the world take regular health supplements for healthy skin, bones, joints and general wellbeing.  One must remember that the body must first have the correct minerals (inorganic salts in this instance) to be able to assimilate and make use of VITAMINS/SUPPLEMENTS regardless of the source.  It's a fine balance.

One must have the correct foundation from whereby all other things form.  The cells need to be 'healthy' so that they can carry on their tasks of water balance, digestion, removing toxins, elasticity of the cells, oxygenation, nutrition, sodium/potassium balance and so on.

The use of these inorganic salts is of particular benefit in an almost enormous amount of bodily functions.  The list is large, but I believe it's important to state nearly all of them, which are as follows:

  1. Bone and dental health

  2. Skin healing

  3. Correct growth of the body

  4. Healthy dental enamel

  5. Healthy veins

  6. Correct functioning and health of the glands

  7. Mental/Emotional wellbeing

  8. Nerve functioning and memory

  9. Correct digestion and functioning of the intestinal tract

  10. Correct balancing of fluids and water in the body

  11. Correct functioning of the kidneys, pancreas, stomach and digestive system

  12. Build the immune system and maintain the correct health of the central nervous system

  13. Maintain muscle elasticity and functioning

  14. Maintain healthy hair and nails

As you can see, the benefits are huge, but the principle is simple: maintain the health of the cells, and cells maintain the health of us. 

Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Complex and YOUR Cells


The twelve tissue salts are:

CALC. FLOUR. (Calcium Flouride)

CALC. PHOS. (Calcium Phosphate)

CALC. SULPH. (Calcium Sulphate)

FERR. PHOS. (Phosphate of Iron)

KALI. MUR. (Potassium Chloride)

KALI. PHOS. (Potassium Phosphate)

KALI. SULPH. (Potassium Sulphate)

MAG. PHOS. (Magnesium Phosphate)

NAT. MUR . (Sodium Chloride)

NAT. PHOS. (Sodium Phosphate)

NAT. SULPH. (Sodium Sulphate)

SILICA (Silicic Oxide)

Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Complex is a two-step unique formulation of the above mentioned inorganic salts, that number 12 in total, through the principles of homeopathic preparation and potency.

Having researched into this area with particular interest, Dr. Atiq has been able to enhance the 12 inorganic salts combined to form a powerful healing platform for the health of your cells.

What makes Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Complex unique is its two-step composition and purity. Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Complex has been formulated through the use of a varying degree of laws of natural medicine, thus allowing it to be purer by energising the core of its therapeutic properties or value. As soon as a tablet is put on the tongue, each and every cell can be a recipient of its properties, providing health, removing dis-ease, and maintaining a health operation within the body.

Remember, just as in the world of computers, if we get a virus on our computer we use many pieces of software to eradicate and remove the virus, thus restoring the functional integrity of the computer to carry on - Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Complex does the same for our cells - each and every single one of them. It eradicates danger, viruses and disease that may have penetrated the core of the cells, thus allowing their health to kept at optimum in a world full of toxicity, viruses, bacterial and fungal infections, suppression by antibiotics and damage by living habits.

Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Compex is a product that everyone can take for the basic health need - keeping the cells that make who we are healthy and alive with energy.

What a wonderful world - the world of Bio-M.

My purpose in life is simple; to serve humanity with purity of heart and intention through the homeopathic system of medicine. 

Dr. Atiq's Bio-M Complex may be purchased from under Cell Essentials

Author's Resource: Article by Dr Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
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