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First Aid Kit

The kit contains 7 essential remedy complex that no home can be without.

In an emergency, one can safely use our First Aid remedies to bring near instant relief and remove the anxiety and distress caused by acute ailments.

The Kit contains:

1. DiaKam - formula for relieving Diarrhea from any cause (food poisoning, milk / egg allergy, nervous tension)

2. Gastro Mix - formula for relieving all forms of food poisoning, gastric flu, fevers, vomiting, gastralgia, griping pains and colic.

3. Injury Aid - formula for all injuries to muscles, nerves, ligaments, cartilage, wounds. Will help anyone who has fallen accidently, and for children's general bangs and falls.

4. GFC - General Fever Complex fights off all fevers associated with teething in children, catching a cold, shivers, infections in general and all feverish conditions.

5. Tonsa Plus - proven formula for fighting tonsillitis infections and all throat/glandular inflammations.

6. Colds Complex - formula for fighting off the common cold quickly and effectively.

7. Bio-M Complex - For your cellular health


We are so convinced of the efficacy of this Bio-M Complex, that it has been included FREE OF CHARGE in this first aid kit.

Please visit the Bio-M Complex section on this website to read up on this amazing product that is suitable for virtually every person, from infants, during pregnancy, children and aged.

Remember, if you order the First Aid Kit you are saving over £39 on the cost of these individual items.

This kit has been specially prepared at an affordable price of £29.95.  Each kit will contain 6 x 16ml bottles with a months supply of each remedy (month based on using the remedies three times daily).


If you would like to replace ANY of the above with your own request, or would like us to prepare a special tailor made first aid kit for you, please get in touch with us via this website.
There will be no extra charge for this service.


You can purchase a First Aid Home Kit by visiting our Pharmacy

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