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Homeopathy and the Heart 

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By Dr. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, HD.


Part 1 of 2

This 2 part series of articles focuses on diseases related to the heart, but specifically some commonly associated disorders with their subsequent Homeopathic medicines.

How The Heart Works

Everyone knows that the heart is a vital organ. We certainly cannot live without it, but in its simplest form, the heart is a muscle and a pump, albeit an exceptionally unique and powerful one.

The heart muscle is special because of what it does. The heart sends blood around your body. The blood provides your body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It also carries away waste. As mentioned, one can refer to the heart as a pump, or two pumps in one. In the most basic description, the right side of your heart receives blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs where it receives the oxygen that we breathe in. The left side of the heart does the exact opposite: It receives blood from the lungs and pumps it out to the body.

Heart Fact - The heart has 3 layers. The smooth lining on the inside is called the endocardium. The middle layer of heart muscle is called the myocardium. The myocardium is surrounded by a fluid filled sac called the pericardium.

Heart Fact - The heart makes a sound that can be described as a lub-dub lub dub.

The first head sound (lub) is caused by the acceleration and deceleration of blood and a vibration of the heart at the time of the closure of tricuspid and mitral valves. The second heart sound (dub) is caused by the same acceleration and deceleration of the blood and vibrations at the time of closure of the pulmonic and aortic valves.

Diagram of the Heart

 Heart Fact - When the heart muscle contracts or beats (called systole), it pumps blood out of the heart. When the heart muscle is relaxed (called diastole) it allows the blood to fill up the heart again.

Homeopathic Heart Medicines

•  Craetegus Oxyacantha (chief medicine)

•  Strophanthus Hispidus

•  Sarothamnus Scoparius

•  Sumbulus Moschatus

•  Spigelia Anthelmia

•  Arnica Montana

•  Carbo Vegetabilis

•  Aconite Napellus (with caution)

•  Digitalis Purpurea

•  Cactus Grandiflorus


I focus on three specific Heart tonics that prove invaluable for a multitude of disorders.

Craetegus Oxyacantha (The Heart Tonic)

Craetegus Oxyacantha is a well known and established Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of a multitude of heart conditions. It is referred to as a chief heart remedy as well as a heart tonic and is usually prescribed in mother tincture form (MT) or a low potency such as 3x or 6x. However, historically, Craetegus has been found to be of use in its pure MT form. Dosages vary of course, and one must speak to their Homeopath before proceeding.

The uses for Craetegus include general heart weakness, bouts of anxiety that result in a weak feeling of the heart (a sinking heart), symptoms of angina pectoris, hypertension (high blood pressure) and also hypotension (low blood pressure). Craetegus taken as 7 drops twice or thrice daily has proven time and time again to maintain a regular heart action and remove associated symptoms of high blood pressure.

Photograph of the famous Hawthorn Berry - known to Homeopaths as Craetegus Oxyacantha.

Craetegus is also used for serious heart disorders and has been found to be of specific use for post stroke and heart attack conditions. It works miraculously in such situations to regulate the heart and strengthen its muscle.

A word of caution however, one MUST under no circumstances take their health into their own hands if they feel they have a heart 'condition' or symptoms related to the heart. You must consult your physician, and only then, having ruled out any serious condition that requires professional medical care, can you help yourself by taking Craetegus in MT.


Strophanthus Hispidus (A Heart Tonic)

Strophanthus is not a well known or well used heart medicine in Homeopathy, with only a few practitioners using it. Nevertheless, one cannot pass off this exceptional medicine and its place in treating heart disorders.

Photograph of Strophanthus Hispidus.

A well known heart tonic used by Homeopaths and Herbalists alike.

Strophanthus increases the contractile power of all striped muscles, especially the heart, increasing the systole. As such, it is perfect for those that suffer from Hypotension (LOW BLOOD PRESSURE). For such instances, it may be used in moderation in MT or a low Homeopathic potency of 3x or 6x.


Sarothamnus Scoparius (A Heart Tonic)

Sarothamnus is the third known heart tonic in Homeopathic medicine and ranks alongside Craetegus and Strophanthus in its efficacy.

Where Strophanthus works on Hypotension, Sarothamnus works on both Hypotension and Hypertension (HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE) states. Sarothamnus is also beneficial in angina pectoris states and brings much relief from any 'congested' feeling in the heart. In general, Sarothamnus is used in MT form.

Photograph of Sarothamnus Scorparius.

A well known flower used by Homeopaths and Herbalists alike for the treatment of Hyper/Hypo tension.

Please be aware that in ALL heart conditions, it is advisable to contact your GP/Physician at the earliest to rule out any serious problems.

Author's Resource: Article by Dr Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
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Part 2 of Homeopathy and the Heart

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