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Homeopathy and the Heart 

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By Dr. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, HD.

Part 2 of 2

We continue where we left off in part 1 of Homeopathy and the Heart.

This, the second of our two part series covers Homeopathic heart medicines specific for certain heart disorders.


Carbo Veg (Weakness and Debility)

Carbo Veg is a very popular Homeopathic medicine and is used extensively in any general practice. It is of specific use for stomach disorders and flatulence, but also has a marked affinity for laboured breathing or breathing that becomes restricted that follows food intake.

Photograph of Carbo Veg.

A chief Homeopathic remedy used for many conditions.

Carbo Veg certainly has its place in treating acute heart strain or a feeling of tightness that may follow after eating something that does not agree with ones stomach. It is of particular use for asthmatic breathing associated with a weak heart feeling (a coldness) after food intake.

Many a time a person may collapse due to a shock, accident, hearing of bad news and the heart is immediately affected. It is at this time that Carbo Veg takes its rightful place in any Homeopathic first aid kit. A few pills/tablets of Carbo Veg every 2 minutes or so will remove the emotional shock from the heart and bring the person back to reality and conciousness.


Digitalis Purpurea (Heart Weakness)

Digitalis is a heart remedy through and through. Essentially, Digitalis should be considered is all diseases where the heart is chiefly involved with abnormally slow, irregular or intermittent pulse, along with indefinite and causeless symptoms.

Photograph of Digitalis.

A chief heart remedy and a must for any home first aid kit.

One can understand the uses for Digitalis as follows: sudden sensation as if the heart stood still, sensation as if the heart would cease beating, attacks of angina for no apparent reason, irregular heartbeat, cardiac failure after fevers, pulse weak and quickened by the least movement, or a very slow pulse.

Digitalis is also beneficial in rheumatism of the heart associated with an irregular heartbeat.


Cactus Grandiflorus (Constriction and Pain)

Cactus when given as a Herbal preparation helps in a weakened and painful heart. In Homeopathic form, it has the tell tale signs of 'feels clutched and released alternately by an iron band' . It is an amazingly effective remedy when combined with other applicable remedies for palpitations and constriction of the heart.

It is also beneficial in treating heart disease and endocarditis, as well as post heart attack states to balance the heart into normality.

Photograph of Cactus Grandiflora.

A chief heart remedy with a special affinity for constriction and heart pains.

I hope the readers have found benefit from this 3 part series on Homeopathic heart medicines. It is advised again that the reader study the remedies in depth to further his or her own knowledge into this wonderful medicines. The reader is also cautioned (as per previous articles) that in any heart condition, even though Homeopathy can prove to be an amazing system of relief and cure, one must see their physician/Homeopathic doctor to diagnose the problem correctly. Only through this method can one then take the appropriate Homeopathic medicine with success and marked improvement.

Author's Resource: Article by Dr Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
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