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Natural Skin Cosmetics offers handmade Herbal Creams using only UK sourced ingredients that are of the highest quality.

Our Acne Herbal Cream and Herbal Creams for other skin conditions contain some of the finest ingredients known for their healing properties. Ingredients used are from pure natural flower extracts and essences, prepared especially in just the right quantity to provide healing and results.


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Our unique process takes the ingredients and captures their vitality and healing properties enabling Natural Skin Cosmetics to prepare skin creams and oils that provide lasting relief for your health concerns.


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Calendula Herbal Cream


Calendula Herbal Cream

For cuts, bites, stings, limited bleeding such as from cuts, grazes, and sports injuries.

Our unique Natural Skin Cosmetics Calendula Herbal Cream is supplied in two sizes, one 30ml pocket/purse size and one 60ml larger size.

Calendula Officianalis, also referred to as just Calendula, is a unique natural yellow/orange flower that carries anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties and anti-fungal properties.

That’s why so many people use Natural Skin Cosmetics Calendula Herbal Cream for near instant relief, especially for children, who may have minor cuts, grazes, stings of bites.

When Calendula is applied to the skin in a gentle cream form, it works miraculously to stop minor bleeding, like the type of bleeding associated with a small cut or graze, and because of its anti-bacterial properties, wounds are no longer wounds.

Our Herbal Calendula Cream also works to dissolve scar tissue and is used by mothers who have undergone Caesarean Section (CT Section) and for general skin scars.

That’s why at Natural Skin Cosmetics our motto is “Try It To Believe It.”

Our Herbal Calendula Cream, when prepared in accordance to the flower properties of Calendula Officianalis, works gently, effectively and literally does what its supposed to – PROVIDES RELIEF.

So why not try our unique Calendula Herbal Cream today, and welcome to the world of Natural Skin Cosmetics.

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