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An Interview with Dr Atiq

This interview was conducted on March 12 th , 2009 through Mr. Okasha Ahmad on behalf of a UK youth organization - MKA-UK.

The organization has members in over 190 countries of the world with membership running into millions. Their main aim is to serve humanity through charity work; voluntary services and through raising money for those in need, irrespective of race, colour, creed or religion.

Dr Atiq (image)
Note: This interview has been amended to fit into the criteria of this website. Dr. Atiq



Mar 12 2009 - Dr Atiq Bhatti

This short interview looks at Dr Atiq Bhatti sahib's journey into the medical arena. He discusses the key skills he has obtained and general advice for those seeking to develop their knowledge in this practice as a career or hobby.

•  How long have you been in the current field for?

"By the Grace of God I have been serving humanity through the blessed Homeopathic Medical System for over 18 years now. It started as a hobby, but as God willed, it then quickly became my full time profession."  

•  What is your current role?

"My current role is Doctor of the Homeopathic Medical System. I have my own private Homeopathic clinic in Slough where I see patients. I also serve my patients through my website, and my online Homeopathic pharmacy, .

I practice a few different therapies under the umbrella of Homeopathy, namely, Applied Homotoxicology; Homeopathy; Biochemic Medicine; Phylak Medicine and Digital Homeopathy."

•  What made you choose Homeopathy as a career?

"Good Question.

I was guided into this field and it is God's Grace alone that has enabled me to serve humanity through Homeopathy.

Having said that, I became interested in Homeopathic Medicine when I watched my father and my uncles using and prescribing them. What first took my interest were the unusual names of the remedies, such as China , Carbo Veg, Belladonna and so on. This interest in the naming conventions led me towards what Homeopathy was about and how it worked.

Homeopathy for me is who I am and what I am about as such. It's in my blood (literally, laugh). I feel complete in this career."

•  Your family has a history in practicing Homeopathy, how did this come about?

"Homeopathy came into my family in 1922.

My father was the late Qazi Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Bhatti, a qualified Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine. He was exceptionally gifted with extensive knowledge of the materia medica [the book of clinical and proven Homeopathic medicines developed since the time of the founder of Homeopathy - over the past 250 years]. My Grandfather, Qazi Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Bhatti was also a qualified Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine. He was famous for the Shifaa God had entrusted in his hands and many times only one [or a few] doses would restore the patient's health. He was a master homeopath blessed with the ability to diagnose a patient's illness through reading the pulse at either the left or right wrist.  The narrations within the family clearly indicate to the fact that he was a classical homeopath and used to obtain amazing results by dispensing just a few pills on occasions.

My Great-Great-Grandfather was Qazi Zia-Uddin Bhatti - He was an accomplished Herbalist."

•  What are they keys skills you require to get into Homeopathy?

"Homeopathy is not a business, it is a service to humanity, or a career in serving humanity [albeit one gets paid for it]. Skills required are an interest in disease and its nature and passion for helping people overcome their illnesses through prayer and Homeopathy.

God has indeed put a cure for all of mans diseases in this world. Homeopathy is most definitely one fulfillment of this statement.

The most important skills one requires are that of listening and patience. Both of these skills are readily taught to us all. One also requires a commitment to serve humanity and care for the health of others.

Then comes the hard part J ....

For those of a non-medical background one needs to study biology; anatomy & physiology; pathology; biochemisty/biochemic medicine and homeopathy. One educational degree may not suffice, and one needs to study a few courses to get a good grounding into this system.

In my initial years someone told me something very interesting that holds true to this day. I was told that it would take me about 10 years of regular Homeopathic related service before my mind 'opens up.' Once the mind opens up, Homeopathy becomes (for that person) a powerful tool based on extensive knowledge and experience.

•  The basic difference between Homeopathy and Allopathy?

"The basic difference between Allopathy and Homeopathy is that Allopathy (excluding surgery) is about suppression of the disease or triggers of the disease. It works by providing material doses of drugs that suppress the symptoms. Homeopathy is about curing the disease through the principle of like treats like.

Homeopathy brings the disease out and throws it away forever. It treats the whole patient - the mind, emotions, physical symptoms and genetic tendencies/pre-dispositions."

•  What would a normal day be like for you?

"A normal day begins with taking appointments for the day (just like a GP surgery).

The majority of the day is spent on seeing and treating patients. An average consultation lasts from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending upon the nature of the problem.

I also spend a considerable amount of time on research into new Homeopathic Medicines and also compiling my own unique database of Homeopathic Prescriptions. Some days I have many patients with common conditions such as cold, sore throat or just general aches and pains. Other days I treat more serious problems like cancer, fertility problems, depression and so on. It really varies from day to day.

I must add also that a part of the day is also spent on answering and replying to enquiries from my website, and of course preparing and dispatching orders received via my pharmacy, ."

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