This is a page dedicated to Jon Matthews

The man who bet on his own life and WON twice!

Jon sadly passed away peacefully on the 4th May 2010.

He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.


He truly believed he knew why he had survived until May 2010 after being told by his doctor NOT to make any plans for Xmas 2006!


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Jon Matthews was told not to make plans for Xmas 2006 by his doctor after being diagnosed with Mesothelioma.  He was just just 31 days away from reaching another incredible milestone in his life when he sadly passed away on the 4th May 2010.  


Jon was so thankful to Dr Atiq for his help and medications when he was first diagnosed with Mesothelima he wrote him a testimonial, part of which is below but to read the full testimonial and others visit Here.


" ... I can think of nobody better to turn to when you need help with health...."


"... not only one of the nicest people I have met, but a man who you know is telling the truth when he discusses illnesses"



In an extraordinary wager, bookmakers William Hill agreed to let Jon place a bet that he would outlive doctors' predictions, remembering that he had been told NOT to make any plans for Xmas 2006!

Despite originally being given just months to live, he has already won the first two stages of his bet, which could see him net a total of £20,000 .

By surviving one year at odds of 50-1, defying medical opinion, his £100 stake won him £5,000 and again on 1st June 2009 he received the second part of his wager.

If Jon had survived until 1st June 2010 he would have then received a further £10,000!  Sadly he was just 31 days from that milestone when he passed away peacefuly in Milton Keynes hospital.


A William Hill spokesman said:
"Never, in 30 years in this business, have I been so pleased to pay a winning client."


An article written about Jon Matthews in the MailOnline dated 23rd April 2009

Find it Here



Another nice article written about Jon on entitled

Mesothelioma Patient Gambles on Life and Wins Big!



This is an up to date article about Jon Matthews and his illness written about him on the
Mesothelioma Information

Jon Matthews (image)



Animal Rescue
Home for Unwanted and Lost Animals


Another of the charities that Jon wants to help this year.


HULA has saved over 31,000 animals since it was founded.

The average length of stay at HULA is one to three months before being re-homed.

HULA has a non-destruction policy for every healthy animal All animals are micro-chipped, vaccinated, and wormed.

HULA receives no Government funding and is an independent charity.

Jon donated £300 out of his winnings in 2009 to HULA.


You can find them here

Macmillan Cancer Support


As Jon has stated in the MailOnline article he gave some of his winnings to cancer charity Macmillan, as he did in 2008.


Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer - as they say on their website:


We're here for you

So that some days it doesn't have to be all about cancer. It can just be about... life.


You can find details of them and their work by following this link to their website.


For further info about Dr Atiq or Jon just send an email to us here


Good Health & Blessings




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