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Homeopathy and the Kidneys  

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By Dr. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, HD.


Homeopathy and the Kidneys                      Part 2 of 2

We continue where we left off in part 1, with the second of our 2 part series covering Homeopathic kidney medicines specific for kidney disorders. 

Cantharis Vesicatoria (Kidney/Bladder Infections)

Cantharis is a truly beautiful Homeopathic medicine and has many uses, one of them being its effectiveness at providing 100% relief in burns when applied in MT form or used in a cream base.

When one thinks of Cantharis, one must think of 'a burning or scalding sensation' . If this is present in any kidney condition, then Cantharis alone can prove effective, providing fast relief and removal of associated symptoms.

Cantharis is useful for kidney and/or bladder infections, cystitis, kidney disorders, acute nephritis, kidney colic, burning urine with sediment or urine that burns or scalds with a cutting pain and when urine that is passed only drop by drop.

Cantharis is very beneficial for diabetic patients who experience a constant desire to urinate as well as for those that may suffer from intense burning in the urethra. If an individual has had to use a catheter during a hospital visit, then this can also many a time leave a terrible burning pain in the whole urethra. Cantharis can relieve this pain instantly.

Cantharis may be used in MT form, but is just as effective in either a 3x, 6x or 6c potency. The more acute the condition, the lower the potency should be. Thus for example, if the pain and burning of the urine is not bearable, MT form is best, but if it is just the onset of cystitis then once may use 3x or 6x three times daily until symptoms clear up.

We all have most probably suffered from cystitis (bladder infection) at least once in our lives. The reasons for cystitis vary considerably, but I would like to mention one point that I have found to be the particular cause to the onset of cystitis in the UK , and that is that many people spend most of their days running around with a busy schedule such as work matters, social gatherings, Jamaat responsibilities and household chores. This results many a time in holding one's own urine until the next convenient (and not available) opportunity. Funny and strange as it sounds, this is very damaging long term for our kidneys and bladder. By holding urine unnecessarily, we are promoting the build up of bacteria in our bladder. Furthermore, this can over many years of doing so cause weakness in our sphincter muscles (the muscles that control our ability to hold our urine) as well as cause extra burden on our kidneys (reverse effect).

God Almighty in His infinite Wisdom has created the human body in such a perfect balance that one organ cannot function without the other. One bodily process cannot function without the integration of another process.

By burdening one process or restricting its natural process, one can cause certain dis-ease that leads on to other complications. The body really is a marvel of creation and it certainly makes one think of the sheer beauty and majesty of its creator, God Almighty.

Chimaphila Umbellata (BladderInfections)

Chimaphila is yet another rarely used Homeopathic kidney medicine. But being rare does by no means mean ineffective. In fact, Chimaphila is very effective in treating cystitis alongside any inflammation in the urethra or general associated burning symptoms along the urinary tract. Chimaphila is also very beneficial where one cannot pass urine for no apparent reason. A few drops in MT form can provide relief and no doubt remove the anxiety associated with such a condition.

Photograph of Chimaphila Umbellata.


Equisetem Hyemale (Kidney Weakness)

Equisetum is a very valuable addition to any home, and works on a multitude of disorders related to both the kidneys and bladder. It is well known to be a tonic for both and works well alongside the previously mentioned Berberis Vulgaris in MT form.

One of the most effective uses of Equisetum is when one has been on many diuretics for water retention or other related disorders. Such diurectics weaken the kidneys because they overburden the kidneys into working much harder than normal in order to remove the excess water held by the body's tissues. It is her that the use of Equisetum can provide relief and strengthen the already weakened kidneys.

Photograph of Equisetum Hyemale.


Hydrangea Arbor (Kidney Stone Breaker)

Hydrangea is truly amazing (if not fantastic). It is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines to literally break up kidney stones. Unbelievable as it may sound, I have used it many many times with great success and, by the Grace of God, it always works well, very well. It is requested the readers study Hydrangea in more detail as it may well remove any surgery if kidney stones are present.

Photograph of Hydrangea Arbor.


Lycopodium Clavatum (General Kidney Disorders)

Lycopodium is a general Homeopathic kidney medicine and needs to be studied further by the readers in order to understand its various benefits. Lycopodium is not just therapeutically charged medicine, but rather, works alongside a patients constitution and overall condition.

Photograph of the famous Lycopodum Clavatum.


Terebinthi (Kidney Inflammation)

Terebinthi is a Homeopathic kidney medicine that can be used for the treatment of kidney inflammation. It also works well for any burning (as in Cantharis) and other disorders that involve the kidneys, for example, cystitis, nephritis, kidney pain, bladder pain.

Photograph of Terebinthina.


Readers will remember that in our first article of this series focusing on the Kidneys, two more medicines were mentioned, namely, Nux Vomica and Sulphur . Both these Homeopathic medicines are chief polycrests and have many hundreds of uses. It is recommended the readers study both medicines.

Suffice to say, they (for many Homeopaths) are used more than any other Homeopathic medicines due to their clinical evidence.

Author's Resource: Article by Dr Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
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