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Natural Skin Cosmetics offers handmade Herbal Creams using only UK sourced ingredients that are of the highest quality.

Our Acne Herbal Cream and Herbal Creams for other skin conditions contain some of the finest ingredients known for their healing properties. Ingredients used are from pure natural flower extracts and essences, prepared especially in just the right quantity to provide healing and results.


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Our unique process takes the ingredients and captures their vitality and healing properties enabling Natural Skin Cosmetics to prepare skin creams and oils that provide lasting relief for your health concerns.


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Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective


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Homeopathy is an exceptionally effective treatment for tonsillitis and many a time removes the need for surgery in children to have their tonsils removed


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Homeopathic remedies are suitable for all ages including newborns


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Many people who suffer from Diabetes find that Homeopathic remedies help manage symptoms and assist in controlling their high sugar levels when used alongside standard medicine


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Homeopathic remedies are safe to use during pregnancy for a multitude of conditions including morning sickness, backpain and easy labour


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High blood pressure in patients has shown to reduce when using standard Homeopathic tinctures such as Craetegus (also referred to Hawthorne Berry)


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Homeopathic remedies are available in tablet, pill or oral solution form



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Dr Atiq's Unique Okoubaka Complex


Atiq's Okoubaka Complex is a uniquely prepared Homeopathic remedy, specially formulated using the Korsakov Homeopathic principle.

Okoubaka is not a well known Homeopathic remedy but in recent times has become a favorite for Homeopathic Doctors & Practitioners due to its unique healing properties.

Atiq has formulated Okoubaka in a way that enables the energetic healing properties of this exceptional remedy to work on a multitude of conditions.

Okoubaka treats many chronic and acute conditions, including:



This includes Gastritis, Upset Stomach, Hyperacidity of the Stomach and Stomach Ulcers.



Including MS - Multiple Sclerosis, ME - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Vitiligo/Leucoderma, Lichen Planus, Psoriasis.


Intestinal Infections & Intoxification

From Food Poisoning to Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease and IBS -Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Celiac Disease

This common condition can be successfully treated with the use of Atiq's Okoubaka Complex.


Gluten / Wheat Allergy

Gluten and Wheat Allergies are becoming common, especially amongst infants and children who then suffer from eczema or other skin conditions due to low tolerance of wheat and gluten.


Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema and Psoriasis is a common condition that is affecting many people now and Okoubaka is an amazing remedy that can help heal the internal imbalance in the intestines and colon to aid the body to cleanse itself of intoxification related to the above skin conditions.


IBS – Irritable / Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome responds wonderfully to Okoubaka. By clearing the toxins sitting within the small and large intestine, IBS can be defeated successfully.


Nervous Indigestion & Crohn's Disease

Another common condition that responds to this remedy.


Children – Learning Difficulties

Autism, Developmental Conditions and other Growth Restricting Diseases usually stem from intestinal intoxification. Atiq's Okoubaka Complex works against these conditions retoring balance and harmony.


Side effects of Vaccinations, such as Eczema, Dry Skin, Heat

These conditions are related to intoxification of the intestinal tract. By cleansing and removing these pathogens, Okoubaka Complex restores balance.


Unhealthy Blood

Many condition stem from unhealthy blood. It flows throughout the human body and carries oxygen and other nutrients to keep the body working. By cleansing the blood gently and removing this intoxifcation, Atiq's Okoubaka Complex helps build immunity by cleansing the blood.



Dr. Atiq's Okoubaka Complex will treat gastrointestinal tract infections, especially those accompanied by diarrhea caused by contaminated food.

It also stimulates the excretion of mycotic toxins and speeds detoxification of the intestines and other organs.

It will help patients deal with chronic infestations of Candida albicans and Mucor racemosus, both of which can rapidly multiply and cause acute infections.



Okoubaka is a mysterious medicinal plant, used as a fetish by medicine men in West Africa.  These healers prepare a powder from the tree's bark which is used against all kinds of poisoning.  Many a tribal chief's taster probably owes his life to this bark.  Parts of the plant are also used symbolically to ward off evil spirits.  For this reason the tree is considered invaluable and is associated with the most stringent of taboos; its use is strictly reserved for local magicians and medicine men.

There is an interesting story behind how this medicinal plant came to be used in European medicine. Several years ago, a native of West Africa made his doctor, a certain Magdalena Kunst of Frankfurt, a present of a small amount of crushed bark, noting that, in his own country it is customary to take some of this powder following a meal – particularly if one not is entirely certain of the host's friendship - for this powder would immediately make any poison ineffective.
Dr. Kunst, a Homeopath, immediately set to work to create a Homeopathic dilution of the precious powder which she used effectively on various types of food poisoning. Following her experiment, Dr. Kunst asked Dr. Willmar Schwabe to look out for this extraordinary plant during his next expedition to Africa.  At first it proved exceptionally difficult to track down this bark, but nowadays it is much easier to come by, in fact, the fear is that this rare tree could well become an endangered species as a result of uncontrolled bark extraction.


Botanical characteristics

Okoubaka aubrevillei is a jungle tree which grows to a height to up to 40 metres; its trunk can be up to three metres in circumference.  The tree is huge at its crown and bushy in stature, its branches drooping.  The leaves are elongated and egg-shaped, being about 15 cm long and 10 cm wide.  The tree's small, greenish flowers are arranged on spines of around 15 cm in length on older branches.
The flowers turn into hard, yellow-coloured fruits. Like other members of the same family, this tree is semi-parasitic.  This may explain why no other trees appear to grow in proximity to this tree.  It also provides an explanation as to why, among other things, the locals believe the tree to possess magical powers. In 1944, the tree was mistakenly categorised as being a member of the Octoknemataceae family and it was not until 1957 that the tree was correctly categorised as a member of the Santalaceae family.  However, the earlier mistake crops up in literature again and again – even in more recent publication.



The Okoubaka tree grows in the tropical rain forest of West Africa, particularly in Ghana, Nigeria and on the Ivory Coast.  It is also used in forestry.



Dried bark from the branches of the Okoubaka tree are pulverised, macerated in alcohol and then potentized to the desired dilution .


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You have options to purchase Okoubaka in both Oral Solution Form - so you can take it on the tongue three times daily or you may choose to take it in pill form. Remember that the pills used are sweet pills and are to be dissolved on the tongue - the basic method of taking Homeopathic remedies.


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Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, a 4th generation Homeopathic Practitioner offers Homeopathic treatments and remedies for a multitude of ailments or conditions.

Homeopathy is an established complementary system of medicine that promotes healing by stimulating the body own self defence mechanism.

It restores perfect balance and provides complementary therapy during the toughest of diseases.

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