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By Dr. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, HD.


Homeopathy and Summer Happiness

In this article I'll be covering Homeopathic remedies that one may be able to use when suffering from common summer allergies like hayfever and urticaria.

Allergies can begin in summer and not necessarily in the months of Spring as we know it.

Summer brings with it many problems related to our health. Problems such as asthma, prickly heat and dehydration can all play a part in making our summer months more tragic than a happy period of sunshine and warmth.

Homeopathy, by the Grace of God, can not only help control, but in carefully diagnosed patients completely eradicate such ailments for the presenting summer and future summers to come.


Asthma can be found in two forms - chronic or acute. Chronic asthma - from the Homeopathic philosophy and principle - is formed through a variety of causative factors including the ill effects of vaccinations, overuse of antibiotics or other means of suppression for other conditions. It can also result from chronic episodes of stress or anxiety. Toxicity may also play a part here.

Acute asthma on the other hand is experienced as a result of inhalation of pollen or other tiny particles in the air that during the summer months result in an allergy. It can also be caused by undue stress and physical overexertion to individuals prone to weakness. Such weakness may be due to a variety of factors.

Homeopathy can play a reassuring part in the treatment of Asthma - both chronic and acute - and as such can by the Grace of God prove to eradicate the symptoms in a very short space of time.

Remedies that can be considered in acute episodes of asthma and related symptoms include:

•  Natrum Sulf

•  Arsenic Album

•  Pulmo Volpis

•  Carbo Veg

•  Lobelia Inflata

•  Ipecac


Let's take a look at each remedy and its symptoms below.

Natrum Sulph

Natrum Sulph is an excellent remedy that falls under the Biochemic Medicine branch within Homeopathy. It works on a very subtle level providing relief quickly and effectively.

Nat. Sulph is found only in the inter-cellular fluids. It regulates the water therein. It eliminates excess water from the blood and maintains the normal consistency of bile .

Image of the cell salt, Nat Sulph.

Symptoms indicating Natrum Sulph are dizziness, eyes being a yellow colour - as in Jaundice. The mouth may have a bitter taste.

As far as Asthma - it works on so called humid asthma where there is difficulty breathing and this may be associated with a phlegmatic cough or choking sensation.

Natrum Sulph is mostly used in Biochemic 6x, but is also used in potencies 6c, 30c and higher in indicated cases.


Arsenicum Album

Arsenic Album is most useful where breathing is indicative of asthma and the patient must sit or bend forward to find any relief.

One of the key indications of Arsenicum is the tendency to start coughing as soon as one's head hits the pillow at night. This cough can be provoked further with a tickling in the throat pit. Symptoms are usually worse at 12am. Lying down can aggravate the condition causing a fear of suffocation.

Arsenic Album is most often used in potency 30c.


Image of Arsenic Album.


Pulmo Volpis 

Pulmo volpis is not a very commonly known Homeopathic remedy - but it proves extraordinarily effective as a therapeutic remedy for Asthma cases. It enables one time to reach a proper constitutional picture whilst alleviating the symptoms of asthma to a good degree, thus preventing any serious complications.

Pulmo is a remedy that needs to be studied by all Homeopaths as it may carry a universally applicable label for use in all asthma and dyspnoea cases.

Pulmo is to be used in potency 8x or 12x, according to the situation of the patient.


Carbo Veg

Carbo Veg is known as a remedy for stomach disorders as well as those suffering from a drop in body temperature or hypotension.

Carbo Veg is of great importance in acute states of collapse where individuals perhaps have fainted or collapsed due to other factors. The patient can feel cold and clammy and feel as if the energy had been drained from within them.

Photograph of Carbo Veg.

Carbo Veg is particularly effective at treating that type of asthma or breathing difficulty arising out of a disordered digestion and as such the symptoms of restricted or complicated breathing will often arise after meals.


Lobelia Inflata

Lobelia Inflata is a remedy again not often used in Homeopathy - but has it uses. It works well but is more tactical - like the remedy Blatta - where one must be sure it is required. It is difficult to provide information on Lobelia as it does require a rather long write up. The reader is advised to read up on this remedy further.

Lobelia is most often used as tincture in warm water.

Photograph of Lobelia Inflata.



Ipecac is mostly used for vomiting related symptoms and is one of the favourite remedies for expectant mothers. It can also help combat food poisoning - although Arsenic stands at the top of the list in this respect.

Ipecac can be thought of as a good remedy that one can use in place of an inhaler - unless of course one is suffering from serious or chronic asthma where an inhaler is of paramount importance and even critical to saving ones life.


Image of Ipecacuanha.

Ipecac can be used in potency 6c, 30c or above.

In line with good medical practice, if symptoms persist one must always seek professional medical advice from a GP or Homeopath. Asthma is a serious condition and one must never take his or her condition into their own hands - it can prove fatal.

Author's Resource: Article by Dr Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
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