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The following are just a small part of true life testimonials from patients of Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, printed with their kind consent and permission. The testimonials range from people from all walks of life, and are presented for you for information purposes only.
We hope you'll find them to be of interest.
These testimonials prove the effectiveness of Homeopathic treatment, and furthermore, provide a glimpse into the wide ranging treatment available in this unique system of medicine for all disease and illnesses.

Name: .........

Age: 35

Profession: Mortgage loan processor

Residence: Maryland, USA

Dr. Atiq Bhatti is treating my 5 years old autistic son for last six month. I have heard about him from a family member but did not know much about him. After I spoke to him the very first time I felt he is the one who can help me and my son. He is very knowledgeable and has a very kind heart. My son has improved amazingly in last six months and continue to do so. We have never met him in person. All the communication has been done via phone or email. I feeI it is a blessing to have Dr. Atiq Bhatti as a healer who is very knowledgeable in his field and cares so much about others. I have never felt distance is an issue. He has always been there for us when we needed him. He has a very special place in my heart due to what he has done for my son and his name always will be pert of any success and achievement that my son will get in his life. I would recommend him to anybody who could benefited from him. Being in USA where no medical treatment is available for Autism in this early age it is a lifeline to have a healer like Dr. Atiq Bhatti. I am truly very blessed that I get to know him and take advantage of his services. May Allah bless him and give him a long and prosper life so he can serve his people (aameen).



Dr. Jamil Ahmad Sanauri

Age: 37

Profession: General Practitioner

Residence: London, United Kingdom

"Being a doctor myself I had no hope that my daughter's vitiligo can be cured.  But Dr. Atiq's in depth knowledge of not only medicine but also biochemistry helped him to cure this condition that is still known to have no cure in allopathic medicine.  I'm sure that his kind and humble nature also helps all his patients."


Jon Matthews

Age: 58  

Woburn Sands, United Kingdom

Treated for: Lung Cancer

Jon Matthews was believed to have an incurable disease.
"Having taken early retirement at the age of 55 following my wifes' sad demise (lung cancer), I was just getting used to a quiet comfortable life without stress when a routine chest x-ray showed fluid in my right lung.  The usual treatment of antibiotics did not improve the situation at all, and the amount of fluid was increasing, making breathing more difficult. The bottom line was that I was eventually diagnosed with mesothelioma, an asbestos-related lung cancer which is incurable.  The experts gave me 9-12 months to live.  That was in April, 2006.  By June 2007 I was feeling well enough to lead a normal life, and started pondering on my extended time on Earth, having not only expected to be dead by then, but also having arranged and paid for my own funeral.  An old friend, knowing my ailment, told me I had to meet a 'great healer' (his words) who could help me. 

Sceptical?  Oh yes! 
Until I met Dr. Atiq; not only one of the nicest people I have met, but a man who you know is telling the truth when he discusses illnesses.   I will be 2 years past my expiry date shortly.  
I can think of nobody better to turn to when you need help with health."   

You can also read a little more about Jon by going here


Dr. Farhat Jabeen Ahmad

Age: 65 Profession: Qualified GP, Primary Care Trust.   Residence: Manchester , United Kingdom

"I have been not only using, but recommending, Dr. Atiq to many of my patients for two reasons, namely they have expressed an interest in alternative/complementary medicine, but moreso because having come to know Dr. Atiq as his patient, he is very caring, pleasant, and above all else, his treatments are very effective and have benefited many of my patients.  I have also referred friends and family to Dr. Atiq as well as other friends in my medical circle and I would recommend him to anyone. 
It is rare to find a practitioner who has exceptional knowledge and insight into his or her own field, but to have a practitioner who has the above coupled with a unique healing ability is most assuring and comforting.  
One of my female patients was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer of the bone last year, the cancer having spread to her spine.  I referred her to Dr. Atiq as I knew he would offer the best help in such difficult times.  I am pleased to say, by the Grace of God, that through Dr. Atiq's treatment and continuous support, she is now in remission of her cancer and leading a healthy lifestyle once more.
I must add finally that Dr. Atiq is one of the most reliable and honest people I have ever met.  I have become good friends with him and hope this continues for many many years to come."

Mrs. Yasmin Sadiq

Age: 30 Profession: Housewife Residence: Sheffield, United Kingdom  

Treated for: Eczema

I was referred to Dr. Atiq by a friend who had used him for treatment related to eczema.
I started to use Dr. Atiq's cream, which for me was a sheer miracle cream. Within the first two days my skin was clear. I had tried everything prior to using Dr. Atiq's cream. I had been to see dermatologists in hospital, my GP and others without avail. I had also spent hundreds of pounds on natural creams with little or no success, but this cream from Dr. Atiq is just truly fantastic. I'm more than happy with his treatment and his comforting approach."


Miss. Sarah Younis

Age: 23 Profession: Retail Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated For: Eczema

"I have been using Dr. Atiq for a few months now and his eczema cream has completely changed my life.
I had suffered from terrible eczema on both my feet and this brought me distress and I couldn't go out without having to cover my feet at all times. After applying the cream, my feet were better within a week as all scaling started to come off, and now my feet are 95% clear by using his cream and tablets for eczema.
I'm thrilled to bits. I've recommended my nephew to him also who suffers from eczema."


Amatul Hameed

Age: 60 Profession: Housewife Residence: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"I use Dr. Atiq for his treatments because I trust he will always help me get better."


Dr. Naila Hussain

Age 36 Profession: Qualified GP Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

"Dr. Atiq is a real darling.  I love him to bits. He's professional and motivating, very caring and has a definitive talent of diagnosing ailments.  Many a time half of my complaints vanish just be talking to him.  He has always delivered effective prescriptions, and because of him I have managed to overcome true personal and emotional obstacles with his treatment.  I thank him for his continued support and efforts in healing people, and thank him from the bottom of my heart for treating my daughter and enabling her come out of illness and into a blossoming rose."


Hanif Ahmad Khan

Age: 37 Profession: Director, Video Shoot Productions UK Residence: London, United Kingdom

"Dr. Atiq has been a friend of mine for over 15 years now, and I have been privileged to have spent time with him and see him moving forward in leaps and bounds with his treatments.  He is responsible, honest and caring.  Having been born and brought up in London , there is a saying, he's top geezer, which I believe is true of Atiq.  He is extremely caring, something I find very rare nowadays, and always has time for me and my family.  He has treated both myself, my wife and two children.  I can't thank him enough for his help."

Imelda Ryan

Profession: Councilor (Samaritans) Oxford, United. Kingdom. Treated for: Breast Cancer

"I approached Dr.Atiq when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, as several people had recommended him to me.
Dr. Atiq is someone who is able to help effect balance within oneself which comes from his own innate sense of balance.   He treats and sees the whole person, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually as well as physically and it is this unique gift which helps bring about one's healing.
It is a mutual journey of healing which is rare or missing in the medical world. In formulating his remedies for my illness, I felt that not only could my cancer be healed but that I was being given the balance for further prevention.
Dr. Atiq is someone you would wish to continue to have as a friend as well as a healer.


Rana Aftab Ahmed

Age: 38 Profession: Qualified GP Residence: Slough, United Kingdom

"I am exceptionally pleased with Dr. Atiq's treatment.  Although I am a qualified general practitioner, I find natural medicine, and in particular, Homeopathic Medicines, to be effective and safe alternatives to conventional medical treatments.  The beauty about Dr. Atiq is that he has a long family history of natural medicine, is highly qualified and has a rather unique ability to diagnose and treat conditions.  I have been a patient of Dr. Atiq for over 4 years now, and I am pleased to say that I have personally benefited from his treatments for everything I've been to see him for. I would recommend him to anyone.  He is honest and trustworthy, and I feel this is one of the most important factors that make that difference in a the field of healing."



Age: 30 Profession: Tutor, Accountant Residence: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"I am very happy with Dr. Atiq and his medicines.  God grant him a long life."


Margaret Stanway

Age: 54 Profession: Housewife Residence, Milton Keynes

I have suffered for years with arthritis in my back, hands and knees.  Dr Atiq has provided me with medication that has eased the aches and pains considerably.  I can now do my gardening, (which I love), without the fear of suffering the effects of bending and kneeling etc that I used to suffer before taking Dr Atiq's treatment.  I can't thank him enough for his most professional and homely manner.


Zainab Ikram

Age: 36 Profession: British High Commission Residence: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Dr. Atiq has been treating me for over 3 years now, and I am very happy with his caring approach.  I have recommended many friends and family back in the United Kingdom to him, and I know he is looking after them in his unique style."


 Rafi Ahmed

Age 43 Profession: Managing Director, The Financial Training Academy, Bank, London Residence: London, United Kingdom

"As one can imagine, I deal with many hundreds of different people on a daily basis.  I also deal with a multitude of nationalities.  Dr. Atiq is very unique, he is not only professional, but very entertaining, the best of both worlds really.  I have been Dr. Atiq's patient for many years now, as have my family.  He has helped me immensely with health related issues over the years and I am pleased to be under his treatment."

Mahmood Mobashir

Age: 35 Profession: Technician Residence: Langley , Slough , United Kingdom

  "Dr. Atiq is always a pleasure to deal with. He is caring and his treatment is exceptionally effective. I'm very happy."


Norman Walker

Age: 65 Profession: Retired Residence: Middleton, Manchester.

" I got in touch with Dr Atiq after our GP told us about him and how he'd helped a cancer patient get better. I feel he has helped my wife through her cancer with his treatment, and I would recommend him to anyone."

Last year, by the Grace of God, Mrs. Walker was told she was CURED of her cancer completely and was not required to go back for any follow up appointments with her consultant.

Mrs. Joan Walker
Treated for: Lung & Bone Cancer

"I want to thank you so much for all the help you have given me, you have always been there at the end of the phone, to talk to or just to listen to me. I have tried to get in touch, but I know you are a busy man, and I don't like to disturb you when you have others to help. God bless you and keep you and your family safe and well."

Lubna Tahir Age:

35 Profession: Mum Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

"I've been a patient of Dr. Atiq for 2 years now. He has been treating me for a variety of complaints - well actually both me and my children - I am extremely happy and satisfied with his treatment and cure of my various complaints, and the complaints of my children. To sum up, Dr. Atiq has a natural God given gift of healing, he puts you at ease and always puts the patient first. Since my treatment began, I have never stopped recommending him to family members and friends. He has changed my outlook in life and I am very keen to pursue studies in the field of homeopathy and natural medicine as a result. Can I end by expressing both me and my children's heartfelt gratitude to a wonderful doctor and caring human being."


Sami Mustafa Age:

40 Profession: Private Hire Driver Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

"I have always used Dr. Atiq for the problems both me and my family suffer from. I've found his prescriptions to bring lasting results and am most pleased."


Zafar Iqbal

Age: 47 Profession: Businessman Residence: Halifax, United Kingdom

"Dr. Atiq is a very honest and reliable person. He has also become a dear friend. Dr. Atiq gets personally involved with his patients and is genuinely concerned about their wellbeing, something quite rare in today's day and age. I have found he always keeps in regular contact with his patients. He is very highly professional in his job, very loving & caring. He is the type of person where half of the illness goes away by just talking to him. I would and have recommended him to all my friends and family, and I know they are doing well regardless of age, ailment or severity of disease."

Shahzad Malik

Age: 39 Profession: Electrical Engineer Residence: Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom

"I've been a patient of Dr. Atiq's for about 3 years now, and have been treated successfully for a variety of ailments, both emotional and physical. I have found Dr. Atiq to be exceptionally caring and compassionate and I'm without a doubt very happy with his prescriptions."


Mrs. Shahida Parveen

Age: 48 Profession: Nanny Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated for: Influenza; Anemia; Iron Deficient Anemia; Hepatitis B

I first came to Dr. Atiq in 2006. He has helped me with flu as I was suffering with it for a long time and was not getting better. With his medicine I got better within a week. After coming to see him a few more times, I never had to go back to my GP again, as I believe Dr. Atiq is now my doctor.
I went to see my GP in October 2008 and they were surprised asking me why I had never been to them for nearly 3 years. I told them that I was well under the treatment of Dr. Atiq. Dr. Atiq has also treated me for Anemia and for a stomach problem I had. Both of these problems were cured in 2 months.
He has also helped my grandson and my daughter. I have referred a friend of mine to him who also got better.
One of my friends son has stomach ulcers and with Dr. Atiq's medicine it got better.  This little boy loved coming to see Dr. Atiq because he said to his mummy that Dr. Atiq gives sweet pills and he liked taking them.

My next door neighbour, Zahida also came to see him and she also got better. I also took my sister to see Dr. Atiq with her son as he had a problem where his body was dry and he had a lack of water in his body. Dr. Atiq's medicine got him better in one month.  My sister also had flu and she got better.
He also gave my granddaughter medicine for developing and homeopathic vitamins for the brain.
My son said to me that we do not have to worry about getting ill because we have Dr. Atiq to help us. I'm very happy with his medicines."


Mrs. Jamie Payton

Residence: Arizona - United States of America

"Your concern for me as a person whom you have never met means so much. I have never met anyone like you in your profession, your a miracle that God has sent me to help me. God Bless You."


Miss. S. F.

Age: 34 Profession: HousewifeResidence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated for: Molluscum; Back Pain

"I have been using Dr. Atiq's treatment for approximately 2 years now and am very happy.
For me, his medicines have always worked quickly and effectively.  He has always been there to provide me with support when required and provides good feedback for free. Most people expect natural medicine to be quite expensive, but with Dr. Atiq's charges are easily affordable by the general person.
I have, and continue to, recommend him to all my friends and family and pray for his success always."

Mrs. Wilfriede Sarwat

Profession: Homeopathic Doctor Residence: Formerly Germany; Now Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. Atiq, thank you very much for the remedies you prescribed for my husband recently for the memory problems he developed after having suffered a stroke. He is doing much better now and attends to his business daily and without difficulties.
We are very grateful to you and wish you continued success in your great work.


Mr. Yunus Ajmel

Age: 22 Profession: Student Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated for: Brittle Bone Disease; Stunted Growth; Various

"I came to see Dr. Atiq in 2006.
I had suffered all my life from a variety of bone disorders and had to undergo many operations.  I was always in a lot of pain, but Dr. Atiq really helped me a lot. I think he helped me very quickly and I became comfortable in a short space of time.  He also gave me a lot of good advice.

I could not walk or move without the use of crutches, but now I can not only move, but can do so without crutches.
Last year in October 2007, Dr. Atiq said that he believed I would stop using my crutches, or at least move from two crutches to one within a year, and he was right.  I can't believe it.

Alhamdolillah he is a good friend.  I was looking for someone is Slough and found him.  He also helped me with my mood swings and depression. I can't thank him enough for his help.  And he also managed to pull off some jokes along the way."


Mr. A. Abdul Aziz

Age: Unknown

Profession: Press Secretary, AMA, Sri LankaResidence: Sri Lanka

Treated for: Various

"Alhamdhulillah. by the Grace of Allah and the blessings of Huzur's prayers, all of your prescriptions are well and good. Recovering the patients, which prove that you are an experienced Homeopath.


Farida Sarwat

By the Grace of God, your homoeopathic remedies have reverted the mental deterioration of my husband, a diabetic with hypertension and a history of heart attack and stroke, and have saved him from senile dementia. He had been totally disoriented and suffered from delusions when you started treating him and is now his old self again although allopathic doctors gave us no hope at all that he could get better again. Grateful to God and grateful to you and wishing you continued success in your wonderful work.


Ms. Marita Shaji

Age: 17 months

Residence: Surrey, United Kingdom

"My name is Shaji Samuel. My daughter Marita Shaji is being treated by Atiq for a number of conditions. After treatment for 4 weeks on Atiq's Homeopathic medicine we can see a big difference in her health. Previously she used be admitted into hospital for breathing complaints and now she is much much better. She is not having to take any anti-biotics and we can see her immunity has become much better. I have recommended my friend to Dr Atiq and look forward to them getting just as well as my daughter Marita."

Mrs. Seena Babu

Residence: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Profession: Nurse

Treated child for: Eczema

"My name is Seena Babu. Dr Atiq started treating my son Dean Babu when he was 4 months old as Dean was suffering greatly with eczema that was infected. He also had a yellow smelly discharge from his eczema and it was a big problem for me.

I have used Atiq's Eczema Cream and his oral drops for eczema and I am very happy with the treatment as the eczema has cleared up. Thank you so much."

Mr. K. R.

Profession: N/A

Residence: Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Treated for: Back Pain

"I used to lift heavy cases of fizzy drinks and this caused me pain in my upper shoulder. The scans from hospital did not show anything. I was prescribed pain killers which did not help me much. I used Atiq's remedies and found great relief after 4 weeks - so much so that I need not need any more medicines from him for this condition as it went away. I am very happy with his treatment. "


Brighty Johnson

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Kings Lynn, United Kingdom

Treated for: Eczema

"We started Atiq's Eczema treatment protocol in September and now my 9 month old son is nearly free of eczema. We really suffered before but by using this medicine he is much better and we are grateful to God that our son is better. I am very happy and thank Atiq for this help and support in treating Elijah my son. "


Mr. Abdul Moeed

Profession: Telecoms Engineer

Residence: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Treated for: Various / Family

"We have been really satisfied with the medication and consultation provided by Atiq. Atiq is very trustworthy and my whole family including my wife and daughter are treated regularly by Dr Atiq's medicines. There are no side effects in his medicine and his medicines work very effectively. "

Mrs. Begum

Profession: Housewife

Residence: London, United Kingdom

Treated for: Various / Family

"I have been using Atiq's Homeopathic remedies for over 3 years now for a variety of problems related to myself and my family. Atiq has treated us for problems such as coughs and colds, minor injuries and eye infections. Often minor injuries such as a fall or bump to the head are overlooked but they do have serious consequences in the long term, fortunately I consulted Atiq for his opinion and we were able to treat such injuries with success. I am very happy with Atiq's treatment and have recommended him to my friends and family. "

Mrs. Julie Varapurath

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Leicester, United Kingdom

Treated child for: Eczema

"My name is Julie Varapurath. My son Benjamin is being treated by Atiq for Eczema. Benjamin was weeping from head to toe, but by applying the Eczema Cream he was better within 2 to 3 days. We are very happy with the treatment and continue to use it for our son. I have told my family and friends also about the Eczema cream and treatment for eczema that is available from Atiq."

Mrs. Deepa Joseph

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Treated child for: Eczema

"My name is Deepa Joseph. My son - Edwin Joby - is being treated by Atiq for Eczema. The treatment was excellent. I have referred many of my friends to Atiq and his website. I am very happy with the treatment as my son became much better in a very short space of time. We found that his eczema just disappeared completely. I will continue to recommend Dr Atiq to my friends and family because eczema is a real misery for patients - I am a nurse - and to see the results of this eczema treatment that really works is just excellent."

Gaile Stewart

Age: 45 yrs

Profession: Nurse

Residence: Co. Down, Northern Ireland

"I suffered from psoriasis for over 17 yrs now and a friend at the hospital where I work gave me Dr Atiq's reference as her child was treated for Eczema and it worked magic on her.  I was reluctant but I can say that I am absolutely delighted with the treatment and it has cleared up my psoriasis.  I have sent Atiq photographs of the area's I had psoriasis on before and after using his Psoriasis Herbal Cream (HerbaFlora-P).

Front Of Leg

before treatment on leg (image) during treatment on leg (graphic) after treatment on leg (image)
Week1 Before Treatment   Week2 During Treatment Week3 During Treatment

Right Elbow

elbow before treatment (image) elbow during treatment (graphic) elbow after treatment (image)
Week1 Before Treatment   Week2 During Treatment   Week3 During Treatment

Side of Right Leg

side of leg before treatment (image) side of leg after treatment(image)
Week1 Before Treatment   Week2 During Treatment  Week3 During Treatment

Left Elbow

Week1 Before Treatment   Week2 During Treatment  Week3 During Treatment

It has changed my life and I thank God for this blessing that I am now able to be free of psoriasis thanks to Atiq.  I have recommend many people to him from Ireland and hope they find the same success with their ailments.
Thanks a million Dr Atiq."

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