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By Dr. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, HD.

Herbal Mother Tinctures

What is a Herbal Mother Tincture?

A tincture is a liquid extract of a herb.

It is made by soaking herbs in a preparation of water and preservative.

The water and preservative extracts a great deal of the active ingredients of the herb.  The distilled water also helps in this process as it is "empty" water.  Therefore it can more easily extract the powerful benefits from the herbs.

Tinctures have much longer shelf lives than dried herbs and the potency can remain for up to two or three years or more.

Tinctures have been made for hundreds if not thousands of years.


How Homeopathic Tinctures are Made

Homeopathic tinctures are made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

The HP identifies what a medicine is to be made from and how to make it.  Whatever it is made from must be just that and nothing else - no additives, or contaminants of any kind.  Tinctures are made from plants, and no inorganic fertilizers, bug or weed killers could have been used.

The pharmacopoeia designates whether the tincture is to be made from the root, flower, bark, etc.  The pharmacopoeia also provides the formula for arriving at the final alcohol strength of the tincture.  Depending on the plant the % of alcohol ranges from 35% to 95%.

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