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The 12 Tissue Salts of

Dr. William H. Schuessler of Oldenburg, Germany (Part 1)


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Calc Flour

(Calcarea Flourata / Calcium Flouride / Flouride of Lime)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Dilatation of blood vessels such as blood-tumors

•  Piles

•  Enlarged and varicose veins

•  Indurated glands

•  Enlargement of the heart

•  Relaxed uvula

•  Prolapse of the womb.

•  Cracks in the skin

•  Loss of elasticity of the veins and arteries

•  Sluggish circulation

•  Loose teeth

•  Muscle strain and injured ligaments.  


Information on Calc Flour

This salt is indicated in all diseases affecting the substance forming the surface of the bone, the enamel of the teeth and part of elastic fibres, no matter in what structure they may be found.

A deficiency of the elastic fibres in the muscular tissue causes a relaxation, which is a primary condition in many diseases.

Useful in diseases of the respiratory organs that have associated with them difficult expectoration of small yellow lumps.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Damp weather

Amelioration/Better From:

•  Fomentation

•  By rubbing


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Calc Sulph

(Calcarea Sulphurica / Calcium Sulphate / Plaster of Paris)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Suppurations

•  Boils

•  Carbuncles

•  Gonorrhea

•  Chronic catarrhal conditions

•  Suppurative stages of eruptive diseases of the skin

•  Felons

•  Pimples on the face

•  Pustules on the face

•  Suppurative stage of gonorrhea

•  Advanced stages of lung diseases.


Information on Calc Sulph

This is a most excellent remedy in suppurations to which it is closely related.

It is an eliminator of effete matter.

Applicable in all ailments where pus-formations are liable to develop or have already developed.

A deficiency of this salt causes long protracted suppurations.

It is indicated in swelling of the soft parts in connective tissue with threatened suppuration or where suppuration has already taken place.

Chronic catarrhal conditions with purulent secretions.

The true indication for this remedy is a thick, heavy yellow pus, sometimes streaked with blood.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Getting wet

•  Washing in water

•  Working in water


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Calc Phos

(Calcarea Phosphorica / Calcium Phosphate / Phosphate of Lime)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Anaemia

•  Chlorosis

•  Deficient development

•  Dentition disorders

•  Bone affections

•  Dyspepsia

•  Rheumatism of the joints

•  Chronic enlargements of the tonsils and goiter

•  Cholera infantum

•  Faeces hot and offensive

•  Dyspepsia; food seems to lie in a lump; vomiting after cold drinks.


Information on Calc Phos

The sphere of the Phosphate of Lime includes all bone diseases, whether due to some inherited dyscrasia or to defective nutrition in osseous and other structures dependent upon a proper distribution of lime molecules in the body.

It is the bone cell-salt. Without this element, no bone can be formed and hence it is a valuable remedy in childhood when the bones are in the condition of being formed.

Calc Phos is also found in the gastric juice and plays an important part in the process of digestion and assimilation.

It is of importance in anaemia, in chlorosis, in convulsions and spasms, in weak scrofulous subjects; during dentition when the teeth are slow in making their appearance and decay too rapidly; also in other teething disorders.

In convalescence after acute and chronic wasting diseases, it acts as a tonic by building up new red blood corpuscles and by restoring the lost vitality.

Deficient development of children and young people emaciation without apparent cause onanism, suppuration of bones, spinal weakness and curvature.

Aids the union of fractured bones.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Cold

•  Change of weather

•  Motion

•  Getting wet

Amelioration/Better From:

•  Relieved by rest

•  Warmth

•  Lying down


Tissue Salts (Part 2


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Dr Wilhelm Heinrich SCHUESSLER (1821-1897)





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