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The 12 Tissue Salts of

Dr. William H. Schuessler of Oldenburg, Germany (Part 2)


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Ferrum Phos

(Ferrum Phosphoricum / Iron Phosphate / White Phosphate of Iron)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Acute congestions

•  Inflammations

•  Fevers

•  Febrile disturbances

•  Anemia

•  Chlorosis

•  Pneumonia

•  Rheumatism

•  Tonsillitis

•  Diptheria

•  Cystitis

•  Nosebleeds

•  Urine incontinence

•  Gastritis

•  Apoplexy


Information on Ferrum Phos

Ferrum Phos. is given in the initial stage of all congestions, inflammations and fevers. This salt possesses an affinity or attraction for oxygen and carries it to all parts of the body and hence is an important agent in all diseases in which the blood and the corpuscles are involved. Consequently, the first remedy in all cases depending upon the relaxed condition of the muscular tissue and in abnormal conditions of the corpuscles of the blood themselves. It gives strength to the circular wall of the blood vessels. It supplies the colour to the blood corpuscles. A deficiency of this cell salt is the cause of fevers and inflammatory conditions and so indicated in all febrile disturbances and in inflammatory and congestive diseases at the beginning, especially before exudation has commenced. The principal accompaniments of these conditions calling for Ferrum Phos are manifested by flushed face, fever with full pulse, hot, dry skin, thirst, pain and redness of the part. An excellent remedy in anaemia, chlorosis, pneumonia, inflammatory rheumatism, tonsillitis, diphtheria, cystitis, nosebleed, incontinence of urine, apoplexy, gastritis etc. The symptoms calling for this remedy are always aggravated by motion and ameliorated by cold.

This is a most excellent remedy in suppurations to which it is closely related.

It is an eliminator of effete matter.

Applicable in all ailments where pus-formations are liable to develop or have already developed.

A deficiency of this salt causes long protracted suppurations.

It is indicated in swelling of the soft parts in connective tissue with threatened suppuration or where suppuration has already taken place.

Chronic catarrhal conditions with purulent secretions.

The true indication for this remedy is a thick, heavy yellow pus, sometimes streaked with blood.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Getting wet

•  Washing in water

•  Working in water


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Kali Mur

(Kali Muriaticum / Potassium Chloride / Kali Chloratum)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Diptheria

•  Croup

•  Cattarh

•  Pneumonia

•  Glandular Swellings

•  Deafness

•  Dysentery

•  Skin eruptions

•  Ulcerations

•  Leucorrhea

•  Gonorrhea

•  Rheumatism


Information on Kali Mur

Kali Mur is given for the sequel of all inflammations, for exudations and infiltrations, especially of a fibrous character and in inflammations of serous membranes, when the exudation is plastic in nature.

A most excellent remedy in the later stages of all catarrhal states.

This cell-salt works with the fibrine, which is found in every tissue of the organism except boric. In inflammatory exudations we find fibrine in the serous cavities and on the mucous membranes.

The use of Kali Mur usually follows Ferrum Phos in inflammatory disorders.

The characteristic symptoms of Kali Mur which is always indicated in the second stage of the inflammatory diseases, are glandular swellings, discharges or expectorations of a thick, white fibrinous consistency, white or gray exudations and a white or gray coating of the tongue.

The efficacy of this remedy is demonstrated in chronic catarrhal conditions, croup, diphtheria, dysentery, pneumonia etc.

Ferrum Phos should be given in coughs. Useful in deafness from the catarrh of the Eustachian tubes, in skin eruptions with small vesicles containing yellowish secretions, ulcerations, ulcerations with swelling and white exudations, in rheumatism with swelling of the parts, in leucorrhoea and gonorrhea with characteristic discharge.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Motion

•  Gastric and abdominal symptoms worse:

•  Taking pastry

•  Rich and fatty foods.


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Kali Phos

(Kali Phosphoricum / Potassium Phosphate)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Sleeplessness

•  Prostration

•  Loss of mental vigor

•  Depression

•  Brain fag

•  Insanity

•  Paralysis

•  Epilepsy

•  Hysteria

•  Ataxia

•  Septic hemorrhage

•  Gangrene

•  Diarrhea

•  Dysentery

•  Urine incontinence

•  Urticaria

•  Epistaxis

•  Dizziness and vertigo from sleeplessness

•  Asthma


Information on Kali Phos

For neurasthenic condition in general, sleeplessness.

Kali Phos is a constituent of the brain, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. It unites with albumen and creates nerve fluid or the gray matter of the brain.

Nervous symptoms indicate a deficiency of this cell-salt, which must be supplied to restore the normal condition.

Whatever disease can be traced to the nerve degeneracy, we enter the field of Kali Phos. Nervous condition known as neurasthenia is a field in which this salt has become prominently curative. The results of the want of nerve power, such as prostration, loss of mental vigor, depression, brain-fag, softening of the brain, insanity, paralysis, epilepsy, hysteria, locomotor ataxia and when there is rapid decomposition of the blood.

It is curative in septic haemorrhages, scorbutus, gangrene, stomatitis, offensive carrion-like diarrhoea, dysentery, a dynamic or typhoid conditions, incontinence of urine, urticaria, predisposition of epistaxis in children, dizziness and vertigo from sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, nervous dyspepsia, asthma, neuralgia, nervous headaches, tongue coated as if with dark liquid mustard.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Noise

•  Mental or physical exertion

•  Rising from a sitting position

•  Pains worse in cold


Amelioration/Better From:

•  Pains ameliorated by gentle motion


Tissue Salts (Part 3)


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