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The 12 Tissue Salts of

Dr. William H. Schuessler of Oldenburg, Germany (Part 3)


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Kali Sulph

(Kali Sulphuricum / Potassium Sulphate)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Leucorrhea

•  Diarrhea

•  Skin diseases

•  Rheumatism

•  Ulcerations

•  Dyspepsia

•  Bronchitis with yellow slime

•  Whooping cough

•  Opthalmia


Information on Kali Sulph

For third stage of inflammatory or catarrhal condition; leucorrhoea; diarrhea; skin diseases; rheumatism; ulcerations; dyspepsia.

Kali Sulph is a carrier of oxygen. It furnishes vitality to the epithelial tissues.

Light yellow, sticky and watery secretions are the characteristics of this remedy.

The chief indication for this remedy is yellow deposit on the tongue. It has been given in bronchitis with yellow, slimy or thin, watery expectoration, in whooping cough, pneumonia pthisis, skin diseases with a sticky yellowish secretion and peeling off of the epidermis.

Dyspepsia with slimy yellow coating of the tongue, catarrh of the bowels, diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, ophthalmia etc; with light yellow, watery secretions; dandruff; yellow scales in skin diseases.

Amenorrhoea - menstruation too late and too scanty with weight and fullness in the abdomen.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Warm room

•  Towards evening

Amelioration/Better From:

•  Cool, open air


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Mag Phos

(Magnesia Phosphorica / Magnesium Phosphate)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Convulsions

•  Epilepsy

•  Cramps

•  Spasmodic affections

•  Neuralgia

•  Sciatica

•  Tiredness

•  Spasms

•  Tetanus

•  St. Vitus Dance

•  Retention of urine

•  Paralysis agitans

•  Hiccups

•  Whooping cough

•  Chorea

•  Neuralgic pains

•  Colic

•  Palpitation of the heart

•  Dysmenorrhea

•  Angina

•  Sciatica


Information on Mag Phos

It is a constituent of muscles, nerves, brain, bone, spine, teeth and blood corpuscles.

It helps to create the white fibres of the muscles and nerves. It uses water and albumen to form the transparent fluid, which nourishes the white threads and fibres of nerves and muscles.

The deficiency of this salt allows the fibres to contract, causing spasms, cramps, convulsions and other nervous phenomena.

It is a remedy to be thought of in all maladies having their origin in nerve cells and in the muscular tissue.

It is particularly indicated in lean, thin, emaciated persons of a highly nervous temperament. Magnesia patient is always languid, tired and easily exhausted.

The value of this remedy is shown in all forms of spasms, cramps, tetanus. St. Vitus dance, epilepsy, spasmodic retention of urine, paralysis agitans, hiccup, whooping cough, chorea. It is the remedy for the neuralgic pains in the head, face, teeth, car, stomach, abdomen and spasmodic palpitation of the heart, dysmenorrhoea.

Attacks are often attended with great prostration, sometimes with profuse sweat. It is also a valuable remedy for flatulent colic forcing the patient to bend double. Dysentery with cramp-like pains, angina pectoris, sciatica with excruciating spasmodic pains, angina pectoris, sciatica with excruciating spasmodic pain writer's and piano-player's cramps.

All pains are lightening-like, shooting or boring, and change their location frequently.


Homeopathic Modalities:

Aggravation/Worse From:

•  Right side

•  Cold air

•  Washing in cold water

•  Touch

Amelioration/Better From:

•  Warmth

•  Pressure

•  Friction    

•  Bending double


Biochemic Cell/Tissue Salt - Nat Mur

(Natrum Muriaticum / Sodium Chloride / Common Rock Salt)

Application / Mode of Action

•  Catarrhal affections

•  Watery secretions

•  Influenza

•  Hayfever

•  Diarrhea

•  Constipation

•  Leucorrhea

•  Intermittent fever

•  Skin diseases

•  Depression

•  Dry skin

•  Eczema

•  Headache

•  Toothache

•  Faceache

•  Stomache

•  Blisters


Information on Nat Mur

For catarrhal affections with thin, clear, transparent, watery secretions, influenza, hay-fever, diarrhoea, constipation, leucorrhoea, intermittent fevers and skin diseases.

This salt is a constituent of every liquid and solid part of the body. Its function is to regulate the degree of moisture within the cells. It properly distributes the water through the organism.

Deficiency in this salt causes the disturbance of water in the human organism. An unequal distribution of water in the system sometimes causes excessive dryness of mucous membranes in some part, while there may be a copious, watery fluid from another part. Naturm Mur will set things right and will establish equilibrium.

It acts upon the lymphatic system, the blood, liver, spleen and upon the mucous lining of the alimentary canal.

It is indicated in headache, toothache, face-ache, stomach-ache and also where there is either salivation or hyper secretion of tears or vomiting of water and mucus.

Catarrhal affections of mucous membranes with secretion of transparent, watery, frothy mucus. Small watery blisters, breaking and leaving a thin crust.

Skin diseases with watery symptoms.

Diarrhoea with transparent, frothy, slimy stools.

Constipation with dull headache and profuse tears.

Conjunctivitis with clear watery discharge. Tongue clean, slimy, small bubbles of frothy saliva on sides.


Leucorrhoea with watery, smarting or clear, starch-like discharge, gleet, coryza with loss of smell and taste, follicular catarrh of the pharynx, thrush with salivation, diphtheria with drowsiness, inflammation of uvula with elongation, catarrh of the bladder, impotence, prostatic fluid, paralysis, chorea, chlorosis, insomnia, pneumonia with loose rattling phlegm, intermittent fever, especially after abuse of quinine.


Tissue Salts (Part 4)


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Dr Wilhelm Heinrich SCHUESSLER (1821-1897)





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